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RECORDED - Event Owner Webinar: GCAC 2025 Women’s Softball Championship

 Posted on: February 21 2024
On Wednesday, February 21 at 2 PM ET Don Staley shared what it will take to host the Gulf Coast Athletic Conference 2025 Women's Softball Championship. The GCAC is a member of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA). The conference is made up of members representing Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and is only one of five in the United States across all intercollegiate sports made up of HBCU institutions.   VIEW RECORDED WEBINAR

2024 Sports Legacy Fund - Donate Today!

 Posted on: February 20 2024
The Sports ETA Sports Legacy Fund awards an annual grant and sports equipment donation to an organization in need in the host city of the Symposium. We are proud to announce we have donated over $200,000 to programs in need, since the Sports Legacy Fund was established in 2003. The program was originally developed by the St. Petersburg/ Clearwater Sports Commission as an equipment donation program. The Sports Legacy Fund is a way for members of the sports events and tourism industry to make a personal and lasting impact on the lives of underprivileged youth sports programs throughout the country. An emphasis is placed on donations to not-for profit organizations that provide individuals, particularly at-risk youth, veterans, or physically or intellectually disabled individuals, opportunities to participate in sport and encourage healthy lifestyles. This contribution is part of the legacy the Sports ETA leaves in each host city. 2024 BENEFICIARY: SHE FLIES ...

Meet Board Member, Frank Lett

 Posted on: February 17 2024
Learn from Frank as he chats about his experience (decades!) in the sports tourism industry and his advice for teams and small towns!

Event Owner Webinar: GCAC 2025 Women’s Softball Championship

 Posted on: February 14 2024
Join us on Wednesday, February 21 at 2 PM ET as Don Staley shares what it will take to host the Gulf Coast Athletic Conference 2025 Women's Softball Championship. Register Now. The GCAC would like to host this event in a southeastern city of the United States ideally from April 15-19 or 23-27, 2025 (potential dates). The Host Requirements include: Complimentary rental of college regulation softball stadium/complex Hospitality Area for Staff and Officials Scoreboard Operator and Statistician Coordinate Athletic Trainers Host Press Conference prior to Championship EMS/Ambulance-add on site. Seven (7) Staff Hotel Rooms for Six (6) Nights Welcome reception for up to 250 guests. Bid Fee of $12,000 (negotiable) to the GCAC. Group booking rates for GCAC member institutions. Public Relations/Marketing- create excitement to get attendance at games. Create a Local Organizing Committee to mobilize community support for event. In connection wi...

Help Shape Our DEI Community

 Posted on: February 13 2024
We are excited to announce the reinvigoration of our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) community! After a period of reflection and planning, we are back with renewed energy and a commitment to fostering a more inclusive environment for all. As we embark on this journey together, your active engagement is crucial. We want to ensure that our initiatives and discussions are meaningful and relevant to you. That's why we're inviting you to participate in a brief 2-minute survey. By sharing your thoughts and perspectives, you'll help shape the direction of our DEI efforts and ensure that we address topics that matter most to our community. Whether it's discussing challenges, sharing experiences, or proposing solutions, your input will guide our actions moving forward. Your responses will remain confidential, and the information gathered will be used solely for the purpose of enhancing our DEI initiatives. We value your honesty and appreciate your time in complet...

Symposium Member Awards - NOW OPEN!

 Posted on: February 7 2024
2023 WHAT. A. YEAR! One thing we’ll never quit doing is bragging about our members. The Sports Events & Tourism community is full of rock stars, and that has never been more evident than it was in 2023. You all absolutely crushed it! The influx of #MemberWin submissions, the surge in press releases highlighting record-breaking events, and the exciting announcements of new industry partnerships reached unprecedented levels! This overwhelming response is a testament to the unparalleled excellence of Sports ETA members, reaffirming our belief that they (you!) are undeniably the best in the industry. Here's to celebrating the remarkable success of 2023 and looking forward to even greater accomplishments in the future! So, who wants to earn the title of being THE best? How about another badge to add to your profile and boost your rank on the leaderboard? How does an interview on the Sports Events Entertainment Network’s (SEEN) podcast sound? The Sports ETA Mem...

View Rights Holders Coming to the Symposium!

 Posted on: February 6 2024
  View a list of rights holders registered for the 2024 Symposium to date. Check back often as new registrations are being added daily.  

State of the Industry Survey Now Open - 2023

 Posted on: February 1 2024
Sports ETA has partnered with Tourism Economics, an Oxford Economics company, to create the 2023 Sports ETA State of the Industry Report. This report will build upon the 2021 State of the Industry Report, incorporating essential data from 2022 and 2023. Sponsored by Northstar Meetings Group, this groundbreaking study aims to offer strategic insights into market size, economic impact, competitive dynamics, and industry trends. Your participation in this survey is crucial and greatly appreciated. Who should complete this survey? Destination organizations (Sports Commissions, CVB/DMO, Chamber of Commerce), Event Rights Holder organizations (National Governing Body, Sports Organization, Pro Sports Team, Tournament/Event Organization), and Sports Venue/Facility/Parks & Recreation organizations (Arena, Ballpark, Stadium, Multi-Purpose Campus, Outdoor Recreation Space). Completing this survey will take approximately 10 minutes. Please ensure you have your budget (last year&rsqu...

College Events Community: Shape Your Future - 2 Minutes Can Transform Our Community Meetings!

 Posted on: January 31 2024
The College Events Community is back, and as we continue to grow and evolve, it's crucial for us to understand your needs, preferences, and interests to ensure that our community meetings are engaging and beneficial for everyone. To achieve this, we're excited to invite each one of you to take part in a quick and easy 2-minute survey. Your insights will play a pivotal role in shaping the content of our future meetings, making sure they are as relevant and valuable as possible. Why Your Opinion Matters: Tailored Content: Your unique perspectives and preferences will guide us in curating meeting agendas that resonate with you. Inclusivity: Our intent of the College Events Community is to provide a space that is inclusive and valuable for all, irrespective of conference affiliations or institutional ties. We all can leverage the power of college athletics to provide meaningful impact to our destination. Time Well Spent: We understand that your time i...

Unlock Your Potential: Embrace Growth and Success as a Mentee – Sign Up Today!

 Posted on: January 24 2024
  In the vast journey of personal and professional growth, there comes a moment when we all could benefit from a guiding hand, a source of wisdom, and a supporter in our endeavors. If you've ever felt the desire to learn, grow, and reach new heights in your life or career, then the time to take that transformative step is now. It's never too late to embark on a journey of mentorship, to connect with experienced individuals who can share their insights, provide guidance, and help shape your path toward success. Embrace the opportunity to be a mentee, as it opens doors to endless possibilities and a future filled with personal and professional achievements. Sign up today and let the empowering journey begin! Sign up to be a Mentee. What to expect: Your Active Participation: To get the most out of the mentorship, your active participation and engagement are essential. Be prepared to take initiative, ask questions, and work towards your goals! Regular...
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