Economic Impact Calculator  “Sports ETA is proud to collaborate with Destinations International on standardizing the way event impact is calculated across segments. Utilizing the Event Impact Calculator, a tool that is localized, comprehensive, and credible empowers sports destinations and planners to show the value of sports events in a quantifiable way.”

President & CEO, Sports ETA


Knowledge is power. This applies to sports commissions seeking to understand the economic importance of events to their destinations. By knowing the value of sporting events sold by a sports commission, industry stakeholders are empowered to make a strong case for continued destination marketing. Indeed, the case for destination marketing can hinge on an appreciation of the economic value of key events sold by sports commissions.

In partnership with Destinations International, the Event Impact Calculator measures the economic value of a sporting event and calculates its return on investment to local taxes. Armed with this information, sports commissions are better prepared to make the case to policymakers for the ongoing development and growth of the events sector.

The Sports Module and platform have been developed by Tourism Economics, an Oxford Economics Company, and includes several Sport Event Types: Youth, Adult Amateur, College Regular Season, College Championship and Professional.

With more than 200 destination organizations using the tool, the Event Impact Calculator powered by Destinations International, has been established as an industry standard, with more than 100,000 events analyzed. Based on detailed analysis and data at the destination level, the calculator is:

  • CREDIBLE- With minimal user inputs, sports commissions can produce impact analysis based on the latest survey and economic data available.
  • LOCALIZED- Each sports commission receives access to the Sports Module that is uniquely developed for their destination.
  • COMPREHENSIVE- The calculator measures the direct impact of events on businesses, employment, income and taxes.

The event impact analysis is defined by basic parameters, including the size, duration, and type of event as entered by the sports commission organization. The accuracy of the model is informed by 10 complementary data sources that are updated annually to provide sports commissions with the most current results. These sources include industry-wide studies, destination organization-provided data, and government data in the calculator’s underlying model.

To promote ease of use, an application programming interface (API) is currently available for the Event Impact Calculator. CRM solutions are available to electronically exchange user inputs into the calculator and download the calculator’s outputs into their CRM.

Destinations International, Sports ETA and Tourism Economics provide a robust support program to the calculator user community. This includes online and web support. In addition, member feedback is incorporated into version updates.

A subscription to the Sports Module is available to sports commissions in the following scenarios:

  • Sports Commissions without a local CVB
  • Sports Commissions with an independent CVB that has given consent for the Sports Commission to subscribe

View a demo of the calculator below:


Frequently Asked Questions

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Subscription Rates

Annual fees for licensing the EIC Sports Module are based on the organization's annual operating budget. 

Organization Budget Annual License Fee
 $3,000,000 and Less $2,370
$3,000,001 to $6,000,000 $2,990
$6,000,001 to $10,000,000 $3,605
$10,000,001 and Greater $4,120

What do I need to get started? 

Complete the order form and agreement. 

Once both forms have been reviewed and approved, you will be slated for release in the beginning of the following month and billed for a 12-month subscription. 

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Sports ETA Economic Impact Calculator

Members who previously utilized the Sports ETA's economic impact calculator will continue to have access to completed reports; however the last day to utilize the calculator to generate any new reports or finish reports in progress was December 31, 2018