Meet Marketing Campaign of the Year Award Winner

 Posted on: February 24 2024
Tulsa Sports Commission

Meet Board Member, Frank Lett

 Posted on: February 17 2024
Learn from Frank as he chats about his experience (decades!) in the sports tourism industry and his advice for teams and small towns!

Meet the ‘24 CE Summit Host & Education Speaker

 Posted on: February 10 2024
We'll talk with San Jose Sports Authority Executive Director, John Poch

Meet Our Marketing Campaign of the Year Award Winner

 Posted on: February 3 2024
Erie Sports Commission

College Events Community: Shape Your Future - 2 Minutes Can Transform Our Community Meetings!

 Posted on: January 31 2024
The College Events Community is back, and as we continue to grow and evolve, it's crucial for us to understand your needs, preferences, and interests to ensure that our community meetings are engaging and beneficial for everyone. To achieve this, we're excited to invite each one of you to take part in a quick and easy 2-minute survey. Your insights will play a pivotal role in shaping the content of our future meetings, making sure they are as relevant and valuable as possible. Why Your Opinion Matters: Tailored Content: Your unique perspectives and preferences will guide us in curating meeting agendas that resonate with you. Inclusivity: Our intent of the College Events Community is to provide a space that is inclusive and valuable for all, irrespective of conference affiliations or institutional ties. We all can leverage the power of college athletics to provide meaningful impact to our destination. Time Well Spent: We understand that your time i...

Is Las Vegas Becoming A Sports Capital?

 Posted on: January 27 2024
"It's what we do every day."

Unlock Your Potential: Embrace Growth and Success as a Mentee – Sign Up Today!

 Posted on: January 24 2024
  In the vast journey of personal and professional growth, there comes a moment when we all could benefit from a guiding hand, a source of wisdom, and a supporter in our endeavors. If you've ever felt the desire to learn, grow, and reach new heights in your life or career, then the time to take that transformative step is now. It's never too late to embark on a journey of mentorship, to connect with experienced individuals who can share their insights, provide guidance, and help shape your path toward success. Embrace the opportunity to be a mentee, as it opens doors to endless possibilities and a future filled with personal and professional achievements. Sign up today and let the empowering journey begin! Sign up to be a Mentee. What to expect: Your Active Participation: To get the most out of the mentorship, your active participation and engagement are essential. Be prepared to take initiative, ask questions, and work towards your goals! Regular...

Get to Know 4S Award Winner, Visit Frisco!

 Posted on: January 6 2024
We'll hear about what it took to win and what keeps athletes and their supporters entertained before & after the big tournaments & matches.

Catch up with 4S Award Winner, Catch Des Moines!

 Posted on: December 16 2023
We'll hear about their success in the sports tourism industry and how the city may surprise visitors. 

Learn about the Sports Tourism Organization of the Year

 Posted on: December 9 2023
What it took to earn the title and what's in store to continue holding the title.
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