COVID-19 Insurance claims and policies

 Posted on: April 8 2020
Uncertain times come with a lot of questions. One area of concern that raises questions is insurance claims and policies. Buchalter, a law firm based in Los Angeles, focused on that topic in a recent webinar. The webinar focused on different insurance issues including… Event cancellations (10:10 & 29:20) What are my options if my event was canceled? Fall events (16:25) What steps can I take to protect my future events? Premium payments (7:20 & 40:20) What if I can’t make a payment? Contaminated property (46:20) What can I claim as COVID-19 contaminated property? Future of insurance (58:15) What will future insurance policies look like? This is a complicated time for all of us. We hope that this webinar and other resources found on our website will help answer questions you may have in our COVID-19 section.

Sports ETA Comes To You - A Weekly Webinar Series For Our Members

 Posted on: March 20 2020
As we navigate these challenging times, Sports ETA is offering a series of free webinars led by the leadership of the organization. Below is the first week’s schedule. Stay tuned for future webinars. Sports ETA and Industry Update Tuesday, March 24, 2020 2:00 p.m. ET - 3:00 p.m. ET Panelists Include:  Al Kidd, President & CEO, Sports ETA Dr. Jennifer Stoll, Research and Education, Sports ETA Janis Burke, CEO, Harris County - Houston Sports Authority/Chair, Sports ETA Janis Ross, CSEE, CMP, VP of Events & Experiences, Sports ETA In this session, the panel will provide an industry update amid the COVID-19 outbreak and how Sports ETA will provide resources for its membership during this time. View Recording Creating and Communicating New Business Solutions in a Crisis Wednesday, March 25, 2020 1:00 p.m. ET - 2:00 p.m. ET Led by Jackie Reau, CEO, Game Day Communication In these uncertain times surrounding COVID-19, we will discuss how...

Sports ETA To Host Annual Programs and Symposium in 2020 - 21

 Posted on: March 20 2020
CINCINNATI (March 20, 2020) – Sports ETA,  the association for the sport tourism industry, announced its revised schedule of 2020-21 programs to bring the national membership and sports events leaders in the industry together for educational and networking opportunities.   The Annual Symposium has been moved to August 2-5, 2020, remaining in Kansas City, Missouri, and will bring hundreds of sports events and tourism professionals and industry partners together to exchange resources, strategies and more. The Symposium features dozens of education sessions, networking opportunities, and business development discussions, all to help Sports ETA members elevate their sports events and improve their work in their destinations. Registration for 2020 is open. The 2021 Annual Symposium will be held April 26-29 in Birmingham, Alabama.   Attendees can focus on the four S’s of sports events and tourism: strategy, service, sales, and sponsorship at this year&rsqu...

Sports ETA to move its Annual Symposium

 Posted on: March 16 2020
We wanted to share with you that we will move our Annual Symposium in Kansas City, Missouri, amid the COVID-19 concerns and a ban on holding mass gatherings for the next 60 days (originally scheduled for April 20-23 in Kansas City). We are working with the Convention Center and our host hotels to identify a new date for the Symposium and will let you know as soon as all is confirmed. Here are the details for your reference: Symposium Registration If you have already registered, your registration including any add-ons (CSEE, Sunrise Run, Golf, Community Service Project) will be automatically moved to the new date. There will be no need to register again. Hotel Reservations Hotel reservations made through our official housing system will be automatically canceled on your behalf once the new dates are announced. If you made your own reservations, please cancel them directly. During this extraordinary time, Sports ETA will be announcing a series of on-line networking a...

Coronavirus Resource Guide and Information

 Posted on: March 13 2020
As you plan your sporting events and meetings over the next few weeks, we advise you to follow state and local guidelines regarding COVID-19. Sports ETA is closely monitoring the recommendations from the CDC and World Health Organization (WHO) and will continue to communicate best practices as they evolve.  Sports ETA is here to help. Our goal is to provide our members with the tools and resources necessary to navigate through this tough time, including accurate and up-to-date information on the effects of COVID-19 and the sports events and tourism industry.  Sports ETA Updates 2020 - 21 Sports ETA New Event Dates  Sports ETA to move its annual Symposium Sports ETA to move 2020 Women's Summit Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for additional updates: Sports ETA Facebook Sports ETA Twitter Industry News and Updates PCB Sports Complex introduces Social Distancing Sports Challenge SportsTravel - Sports-Event Industry Rea...

COVID-19 Response Plan Outline

 Posted on: March 13 2020
As the COVID-19 situation evolves, it’s important for business leaders to create a plan and continuously monitor the situation (literally, minute by minute). Overall, we recommend the following protocol for businesses: Be aware of the evolving situation with COVID-19 as it relates to your state, review/update your current policies for employees, stakeholders and customers, and creatively plan new opportunities to minimize business loss. Below is a working template for a response plan to effectively communicate to stakeholders during this time of uncertainty surrounding COVID-19. News Gathering: ·Monitor the daily news coverage disseminating from the Governor of your state as he/she has the power to create mandates and disseminate funding for support and health care access · Connect with your industry association to determine industry best practices for your organization and business, i.e. Ohio Restaurant Association ·Create Google alerts on ...

Important Updates Related to Upcoming Sports ETA Events in Response to COVID-19 Concerns

 Posted on: March 13 2020
Sports ETA announced today that it will move its Women’s Summit in New Orleans due to concerns surrounding COVID-19. We are currently working on a plan to reschedule the Summit for later in the year. Additionally, we are continuing to evaluate options surrounding the annual Symposium from April 20-23 in Kansas City and will provide more information next week. We are going to delay opening the appointment portal until all Symposium details are confirmed. Once all details are finalized, communication will be shared with all registered attendees. Take a look at this COVID-19 Response Plan from our PR partners, Game Day Communication. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Janis Ross,, 541.915.9479. Thank you, Al Kidd President and CEO Sports ETA

Statement to Sports ETA re: Coronavirus

 Posted on: March 10 2020
Dear Sports ETA Members, As we prepare for two upcoming member education programs, the Women’s Summit from April 1-3 in New Orleans and the annual Symposium from April 20-23 in Kansas City, we would like to assure you we are monitoring the developments around the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the potential impact on our events.  Both cities have assured us they are taking precautions as outlined by the CDC, which we are also following for both events. We want to ensure our members and guest speakers enjoy the programming we have planned for both programs. If you have specific questions about the program and/or travel to the programs, please contact Janis Ross at 541.915.9479 or Sincerely, Janis Burke, CSEE, Sports ETA Board President & CEO of the Harris County – Houston Sports Authority Al Kidd, President & CEO, Sports ETA