The Pulse - Volume 1 Edition 2 November 2021

 Posted on: November 10 2021
The Pulse data dashboard is powered by EventConnect’s™ industry-leading tournament solution software. The Pulse is a part of the Sports Tourism Research Institute, a product of Sports ETA. Data is drawn from the more than 4,000 sporting events in the platform, pulled together, and analyzed at a holistic level. The comprehensive data is then segmented into these eight data visualizations representing a snapshot of key sports events and tourism industry metrics reviewed year-over-year and month-to-month. Data ranges from number of events held in each state and events by sport to number of hotel registrations made by team and average length of stay.   View Full Report

Sports ETA's The Pulse powered by EventConnect Quarterly Report

 Posted on: June 21 2021
We're excited to share the first edition of Sports ETA's The Pulse powered by EventConnect Quarterly Report with you. In this edition, you'll be provided with an overview about this industry leading data dashboard, then dive into some key insights and most importantly, learn how you can use this information to make better business decisions for your organization. Check Out the Pulse Now  

The Pulse Recap: Positives

 Posted on: May 28 2020

What are you most looking forward to as we begin to recover from the current situation?

 Posted on: May 14 2020
What are you most looking forward to as we begin to recover from the current situation? Take the Pulse

The Pulse Recap - Fall Event Projections

 Posted on: May 14 2020

How is your organization handling fall events?

 Posted on: May 7 2020
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, we want to know how your organization has begun to handle fall events.   As of 5/12/2020, this survey has closed. Stay tuned for the results!

The Pulse - March and April Event Losses Recap

 Posted on: May 6 2020
Amid the COVID-19 crisis, we asked our members about March and April event losses.  

How did COVID-19 effect your events in April?

 Posted on: April 23 2020
This edition of The Pulse takes a look at how you, our members, have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic during the month of April. This survey has closed. Take a look at the results.

The Pulse Recap: Advocacy

 Posted on: April 22 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many challenges to the sports tourism industry. In The Pulse, we have been asking members about these hardships and what the future may hold. Last week, we asked about the challenges of advocating for sports events and tourism. The top four answers were… Budget & Funding Post COVID-19 Protocol Uncertainty of the future Partnerships Many sports commissions and event organizers are facing a decrease in funds due to COVID-19. Some who were surveyed said they are having to “justify” their spending. Others are faced with questions of how to plan for sporting events when no one is sure of the timeline or protocol after this pandemic has passed. There are resources out there. The Pulse asked those who took the survey what resources they are utilizing. Many said Sports ETA (and we thank you for that), and other sports commissions and organizations. Others are pulling their resources with government entities and Sta...

The Pulse surveys current industry challenges this week with revenue concerns on top

 Posted on: April 15 2020
This week, Sports ETA members shared their thoughts on the biggest challenges facing them and their organizations in responses to The Pulse. The biggest challenge is budget and funding as revenues are uncertain amid the COVID-19 pandemic. To build upon this research, Destinations International (DI) is taking a weekly pulse check on the industry and you can reference it here. According to the DI research, the majority of destination organizations anticipate some kind of shortterm budget cuts, with most expecting cuts in the range of 20-50%. The uncertainty of future events is a concern of nearly half of all respondents. If you're concerned about event contracts and insurance, we have a resource to help. Click here for a webinar from law firm, Buchalter, featuring a panel of experts in insurance and law on issues related to event cancellations and insurance recovery for businesses of all sizes. Labor and employment issues are a concern as well. According to DI, destinat...
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