Announcing the Sports ETA Health & Wellness initiative powered by WISe!

 Posted on: July 13 2024
This week, we're talking all about wellness and how the practice and implementation of wellness programs can help you and your city thrive!

Meet the Event Partnership of the Year Award Winners

 Posted on: July 6 2024
Albuquerque Sports Commission/USA Cycling: Event Partnership of the Year Award (population 500,000 and above).

Superior Service Award winner

 Posted on: June 29 2024
Gamechangers Consulting

Women's Community Meeting: July 15 @ 3 PM ET

 Posted on: June 10 2024
We look forward to seeing you virtually this Monday, July 15 at 3 PM ET for an unmissable session with Jenna Trubiano! A 2023 ACHA Coach of the Year finalist, will share her incredible journey and the challenges she has faced as a woman in the male-dominated world of hockey. Jenna, 29, grew up playing hockey in Michigan and has dedicated herself to the sport, playing for the University of Michigan's women’s club hockey team before becoming its head coach. During this community meeting you will hear about her recent disturbing experience in an adult hockey league where she faced harassment and learn how she showcased remarkable resilience and determination. Jenna is also driving change off the ice and is involved in a feasibility study at UM to elevate women’s hockey to a varsity sport. She'll discuss the exciting progress and insights from this initiative as well. Don't miss this inspiring session highlighting women breaking barriers and fighting...

Mentoring Community Meeting: June 18 @ 3 PM ET

 Posted on: June 7 2024
Join the Mentoring Community for their next meeting on June 18 at 3 PM ET. This call is an excellent opportunity for both mentors, mentees, or any member to learn more about the various community groups within our association, find new ways to get engaged, and ask questions. During this open discussion, leaders from all nine (9) of our other community groups will showcase and explain the purpose and goals of their respective groups. Whether you are looking to deepen your involvement or explore new interests, this meeting will provide valuable insights and opportunities for engagement. As a added bonus, this informative session will be recorded and included in our onboarding packet for new members, serving as a comprehensive guide for new members that join Sports ETA and are perhaps new to the sports events and tourism industry.   Join Zoom Meeting ID: 820 8847 6496 Passcode: 343191   If you have any questions, please be sure to visit the Mentoring com...

Upcoming Outdoor Recreation, Parks & Spaces Community Meeting

 Posted on: March 11 2024
Please join the Outdoor Recreation, Parks & Spaces Community on Wednesday, April 3 at 3 PM ET for a Apalachee Regional Park Case Study / Round Table with Outdoor Recreation Leaders. During this meeting we will explore a case study involving Amanda Heidecker, Director of Parks for Leon County in Tallahassee Florida, and how the parks department and CVB partnered to transform a solid waste facility into a world class sports venue.  The second half of the session will be open floor discussions with all Parks & Rec community members weighing in on the current state of Parks & Recreation departments, Sports ETA membership, and how we can accelerate the movement of Parks & Rec within the association.  Learn more on the Outdoor Recreation, Parks & Spaces Community webpage here.   JOIN ZOOM MEETING Meeting ID: 898 6813 8500 Passcode: 028032  

College Events Community: Shape Your Future - 2 Minutes Can Transform Our Community Meetings!

 Posted on: January 31 2024
The College Events Community is back, and as we continue to grow and evolve, it's crucial for us to understand your needs, preferences, and interests to ensure that our community meetings are engaging and beneficial for everyone. To achieve this, we're excited to invite each one of you to take part in a quick and easy 2-minute survey. Your insights will play a pivotal role in shaping the content of our future meetings, making sure they are as relevant and valuable as possible. Why Your Opinion Matters: Tailored Content: Your unique perspectives and preferences will guide us in curating meeting agendas that resonate with you. Inclusivity: Our intent of the College Events Community is to provide a space that is inclusive and valuable for all, irrespective of conference affiliations or institutional ties. We all can leverage the power of college athletics to provide meaningful impact to our destination. Time Well Spent: We understand that your time i...

Unlock Your Potential: Embrace Growth and Success as a Mentee – Sign Up Today!

 Posted on: January 24 2024
  In the vast journey of personal and professional growth, there comes a moment when we all could benefit from a guiding hand, a source of wisdom, and a supporter in our endeavors. If you've ever felt the desire to learn, grow, and reach new heights in your life or career, then the time to take that transformative step is now. It's never too late to embark on a journey of mentorship, to connect with experienced individuals who can share their insights, provide guidance, and help shape your path toward success. Embrace the opportunity to be a mentee, as it opens doors to endless possibilities and a future filled with personal and professional achievements. Sign up today and let the empowering journey begin! Sign up to be a Mentee. What to expect: Your Active Participation: To get the most out of the mentorship, your active participation and engagement are essential. Be prepared to take initiative, ask questions, and work towards your goals! Regular...

Women's Community Meeting: February 7

 Posted on: January 24 2024
Save the Date: February 7 is not just another day—it's National Women and Girls in Sports Day! To celebrate this empowering occasion, we're thrilled to kick off our first Women's Community meeting of 2024 at 3 PM ET 🌟 Join us for an exclusive session with Katherine Holland, Executive Director of KC2026. She'll be sharing the incredible journey that led her to where she is today in the dynamic world of sports events and tourism.  But wait, there's more! Have your voice heard and shape the future of our meetings by completing our brief 2-minute survey. Your input is crucial in crafting content that truly resonates with you. Take the survey: Let's keep the conversation going! Stay connected and be part of the vibrant exchange in our LinkedIn group. Your insights and experiences matter, and we look forward to celebrating the spirit of women in sports together! See you virtually on Februa...

Young Professional Spotlight: Zach Ebarb

 Posted on: May 5 2021
Meet Zach Ebarb, Visit Baton Rouge, National Sports & Convention Sales Manager. Though he’s had plenty of fun experiences working at Visit Baton Rouge, the most fun Zach Ebarb has had is hosting rights holders at Louisiana State University or Southern University home games. “The tailgates, food, venues, and hospitality of our locals make these site visits special and personalized each time,” says Ebarb. “The atmosphere in Baton Rouge each home game day is that experience you feel on Christmas morning!” Ebarb has been working in the industry for eight years marketing Baton Rouge as a sports and convention destination. As part of the job, he attends trade shows, networks with rights holders, conducts site visits, issues sales leads to venues and hotels, and compiles bids. But more than just selling the city as a destination, Ebarb collaborates with the rest of the Visit Baton Rouge team, and local community hospitality partners, to turn eve...
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