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Is Your Organization Covered—for Anything?

 Posted on: March 21 2016
The idea of crisis plans for your team, event or venue is to try to think of anything and everything that can happen, and make sure you have a correct response to every scenario you can come up with. auction-gavel-2   But too often, no one takes into consideration 1) demanding parents and 2) litigation at the drop of a gavel.   When his 16-year-old son didn't get the most valuable player award, Michel Croteau didn't get mad, he tried to get even. He hired a lawyer and sued his son's youth hockey league to the tune of more than $200,000. Croteau claimed his son Steve should have been the MVP since he had the most goals and assists in the league. When he didn’t win, daddy claimed that Steve was so embarrassed, he wanted to quit hockey.   This isn’t an isolated case. In the year the Croteau lawsuit was filed, 2013, parents filed more than 200 non-injury-related sports lawsuits against coaches, leagues and school districts in the Uni...

Upcoming Webinars – Register Now

 Posted on: March 9 2016
National Veterans Golden Age Games - Event Webinar sponsored by MGM Resorts International Join Jeanene LeSure from National Veterans Golden Age Games as she discusses their RFP for the 2020 Golden Age Games and what they look for in a host destination. If you are unable to join us on the 14th, you can download the webinar recording from our Webinar Archives (login required). Date: Monday, March 14, 2016 Time: 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. Register Now Starting Your Own State Games - Best Practices Webinar Join Eric Engelbarts, National Congress of State Games membership chairman, as he discusses how your CVB or Sports Commission can leverage your existing sport director relationships to build an event that you own and operate that can contribute to your mission of ‘heads in beds’ and act as a potential revenue source for your organization. Engelbarts most recently started the State Games of Michigan as a signature event of the West Michigan Sports Commission. The State Game...

A Win Comes with a Price

 Posted on: February 29 2016
The coach of a California high school girls’ basketball team was suspended two games for a big win. And we mean, big. Arroyo Valley High School defeated Bloomington High School, 161-2 last month. And it’s not first time Arroyo Valley had won by large margins. The Hawks had scored more than 100 points twice before, but this 159-point win created enough backlash that the school felt it needed to act and suspended Coach Michael Anderson for the two games. Not that benching the coach made much of a difference. In the first game without Coach Anderson, Arroyo Valley won, 80-19. The Hawks were coached by Anderson’s 19-year-old son. For his part, Anderson said he talked with the Bloomington head coach before the game, explaining that this was the Hawks’ last game before league play and that his team was going to play hard. “I wanted to let him know there was no harm intended,” Anderson told the Orange County Register, “and that i...

2008 Certified Sports Event Executive Graduates Announced at 2008 NASC Sports Event Symposium

 Posted on: May 15 2008
The National Association of Sports Commissions (NASC) recently graduated 17 members from its Certified Sports Event Executive (CSEE) Program. Graduates included members who completed the certification requirements this past fall in Louisville or at the recent CSEE Spring 2008 Module in Omaha. The CSEE Program, open only to NASC members, is a continuing education style program where participants are provided with cutting edge knowledge from topics relevant to the sports event industry. Modules cover a variety of topics relevant to the industry that increases participant's efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace. See the attached press release to read more.
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