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The Sports ETA Sports Marketplace is the longest-running reverse trade show in the sports events and tourism industry. Destinations, vendors, and event owners participate in appointments to cultivate meaningful relationships and produce measurable ROI. Educational opportunities and other activities are not scheduled during Marketplace hours, so exhibitors have the undivided attention of attendees. Membership is required to participate in appointments.

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How does it work?

First registered attendees for all Sports ETA member destinations, event owners, and vendor exhibitors may request, accept, decline and rank appointments in the Sports ETA Sports Marketplace. Login is required to request appointments. Once logged in, go to My Account and select the tab labeled "Marketplace Appointments." 

One-On-One Appointments

Think "New Relationship Sports ETA Marketplace"

Each one-on-one, 10-minute appointment offers destinations and vendor exhibitors the opportunity to share information about their community and/or products/services.

Rfp Roundtables (New for 2020)

Instead of Event Overview Appointments, the Marketplace will feature RFP Roundtables.  RFP Roundtables are a great way to gather information quickly and catch presentations for any event owner you weren’t able to meet with earlier in the week.

FORMAT: RFP Roundtables are 10-minute presentations by event owners about their sport(s) and event(s). Each event owner organization will be assigned to a roundtable with 10 chairs. Up to 9 destinations and industry partners can participate in each RFP Roundtable presentation. Prescheduled appointments are not required to participate. We ask that organizations only send one representative to participate per timeslot.

If a destination or exhibitor brings multiple attendees, those attendees can “divide and conquer” and participate in concurrent RFP Roundtable presentations. Destinations are not required to participate in RFP Roundtables. Event Owners are required to participate if they have any one-on-one appointment requests that were unable to be scheduled.

If an event owner brings multiple representatives, only one representative is required to participate. Event Owners cannot block out RFP Roundtables from their schedule unless they were able to meet with all destinations who requested an appointment with them during individual appointments.

What is a reverse tradeshow?

A typical reverse tradeshow is where attendees engage with the exhibitors through pre-scheduled meeting appointments. The advantage of a reverse tradeshow is that exhibitors are guaranteed booth traffic during pre-scheduled appointment times rather than simply hoping attendees stop by during open exhibit hours.

Questions? Contact contact Member Services at or 513.281.3888.

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