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National Association of Sports Commissions Hosts Annual NASC Sports Event Symposium

 Posted on: May 3 2006
The National Association of Sports Commissions (NASC) held its Annual General Membership Meeting at the 2006 NASC Sports Event Symposium on April 19 at the Hyatt Lexington in Lexington, Ky. Awards and announcements were given that include the 2006 NASC Awards Program, 20062007 Board of Directors and 2008 & 2009 conference host cities. NASC Awards were given in four categories: Outstanding Communication/Advertising, Outstanding Web Site, Outstanding Locally Created Event/Program and Member of the Year. More than 40 entries were received for all four categories, which were divided into subcategories (budgets over $200,000 and budgets under $200,000). Entries were reviewed by a panel of their peers in the association, which included past winners in all categories, and judged based on the criteria listed for each category. See the attached press release to read more.