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 Posted on: March 18 2019

The NASC Symposium Appointment Portal opens next week, on March 27.  In preparation, it is vitally important that you make sure to update your profile and your company information.  For destinations/sports commissions this means updating the sports you can host and the venues you have for groups to use.  For rights holders, this would be updating where you host events, specific community needs (bid fees, GOC/LOC, etc.), events open for bid, and important information destinations should know about your event. For vendors, this could mean including a short description of all the products/services you provide, and even listing any special offers or promotions.

Why is this important? When you enter the portal, you will see the list of potential organizations to request an appointment.  For destinations, knowing where rights holders meet, what they are looking for and what their key needs are, you can determine which appointments are appropriate to request or accept. Additionally, if your organization needs industry products or services, it is easy to search through vendor profiles to find what you need. For rights holders, you can see if a community is a good fit for your competition, and whether they have the appropriate venues.

Time is money, and the number of appointments available are limited.  So, it is important to be sure to make the most of every appointment – especially when you meet one-on-one.  Event overview appointments are meant for learning more about an event or community, but the one-on-one time is the best opportunity offered to book actual business. 

The NASC Sports Marketplace is the longest-running reverse trade show in the sports events and tourism industry. Destinations, vendors, and event owners participate in appointments to cultivate meaningful relationships and produce measurable ROI. To get the best ROI for your Symposium investment, take a few minutes to update your information.

To update your profile, click here (login required).

Judi Hess
Visit Binghamton
NASC Mentoring & Engagement Committee


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