CSEE Spotlight: Graduate Gray Workman

 Posted on: March 18 2019
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Knowledge is power and in the fast pace work environment that is sport tourism, the more you know, the better. As the current Director of Sports Development for Visit Greenville, North Carolina, Gray Workman knew this and wanted to elevate her knowledge to grow Greenville from a smaller destination to a high-level competitive sports destination. She enrolled in the Certified Sports Event Executive (CSEE) program and gained invaluable information.

From being in the CSEE program, Workman saw this program as a way to further her education after college, with more focus on event planning. The classes focus on all aspects of the event, and why every single detail is important, and show how each aspect is a vital piece of sales and marketing materials. “As a destination, sometimes we forget all the minute details tournament directors have to focus on. Now I am able to be a resource to them.” Workman said.

The classes offered also gives students the chance to grow a community within the class to be used outside of the program. This community is there to bounce ideas off of and gain research from, especially when your practice is transitioning into a sports commission, like Workman’s practice. Not only is the community built within the program a huge asset, the external community you build from having this title. “This certification will help me grow within the tourism industry and help people within the industry see me as a skilled leader, and people outside the industry seek me out for my professional knowledge of sports tourism industry.” Workman said. 

In the future, Workman will be more confident in her work and will utilize her knowledge in everything she does. She is now more excited than ever to tackle this industry. “This industry is ever growing and ever changing….who wouldn’t want to be us? There is never a boring day in the Sports Tourism Industry world!”


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