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 Posted on: March 8 2019
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When you begin to plan for your event, something that is a driving force of how you plan is the event’s branding strategy. Everything is centered around what colors you associate with your brand, the logo, the tagline, and the name of your event. Beyond that, how your event goes will affect the future of your brand and can change it forever. Keeping this in mind, here are some tips from ‘Wild Apricot’ for keeping your branding strong throughout the event planning process.

Name your event. 

The name of your event is the first thing your future consumers will see.  It can easily be a make or break if someone decides to participate in it so you need to make sure your tagline is eye catching and easily explains the event.  With naming your event, think about how your event is different from others in your area and what are you wanting the message that your consumers read is. 

Create a tagline.

Once you have the name, think of a short and memorable branding slogan that describes the event. The tagline is your second line of defensive when it comes to keeping consumers interested in your event. This gives your audience more information on the event without even looking at the events website.

Design a logo.

Once you have the name and tagline, you need to have a logo to represent your event.  Keep in mind, this logo will go on all promotional items. If your event has t-shirts, water bottles or bags, chances are that your logo will be on them. This logo will represent your event and will be a place of recognition for the community. 

Identify your sponsors.

Sponsorships can change your brand completely. By partnering with certain organizations, you are sending a clear message out to your consumers what your event is about without even realizing it. These sponsors might also want their name on some promotional items so reaching out to sponsors immediately to effectively plan your branding strategy is vital.

Wild Apricot says branding your event is a great start with the planning process. Keeping your brand at the center of your project will help keep your grounded when things get tough. It will help skyrocket your event to new heights.

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