STS Course @ the 2022 4S Summit - Sarasota, FL
Tuesday, October 11, 2022 
1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Leadership Rooted Through Waves of Change

Presenter: Julie C. Henry

Change is constant, but it doesn’t have to be chaos. Whether it’s a large-scale, strategic transition or a small-scale, necessary shift, change can be approached through a systematic lens to help both people and progress. Discover a three-phase process to move from managing to truly leading change. This simple, yet not always easy, system helps develop trust not only in the leader and the process but in the impact and outcome. Change, like the waves, keeps coming…wouldn’t you rather face down and drive change rooted in a firm foundation?

Come prepared to get "in the mud" as we work through and apply this process to a change you want to lead. By the end of our time together, you'll have concrete action steps and strategies you can implement immediately. At its core, leadership is about leading change - so let's make sure you're leading change that's going to stick.

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About Julie C. Henry

Julie C. Henry is an outdoor explorer and animal lover at heart who is continually learning and sharing leadership lessons inspired by wildlife and wild places. A former zoo and aquarium senior leader, Julie is president of Finish Line Leadership, a strategic facilitation and panel moderation services company, and has worked with over fifty-five organizations across corporate, nonprofit, government, association, and community sectors. She is author of Wisdom from the Wild: The Nine Unbreakable Laws of Leadership from the Animal Kingdom and was selected as a Fellow of the Toyota TogetherGreen Program of the National Audubon Society, chosen for the Disney’s Animal Kingdom / World Wildlife Fund Biodiversity Leadership Institute, and a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar to New Zealand. Julie lives in Sarasota, Florida with her two children, whom she lovingly describes as her “zoo animal” and her “wild animal” due to each child’s natural inclination toward life.