Giving Back to the Next Generation

 Posted on: March 11 2020
HELP! Have you ever just blurted this out in the middle of everything?  I know I have, multiple times. If you’re a rights holder, an event organizer, or even a supplier, you have mastered the art of being an excellent multi-tasker, or have you? With so many deadlines and multiple projects going on around you, you are working around the clock.  You have your hands in everything such as site selections, contract negotiations, building the registration platform, marketing, room block monitoring, food & beverage selection, onsite registration, room set up, and speakers, the list is endless. Who does all that work?  The answer is usually one person does it all. Have you ever thought about forming a “Study Abroad” internship program? Well, it is a pretty simple process, as long as you find the right partner who is willing to help you every step of the way. In fact, many of the accredited universities have a study abroad program and are willing to hold ...

Statement to Sports ETA re: Coronavirus

 Posted on: March 10 2020
Dear Sports ETA Members, As we prepare for two upcoming member education programs, the Women’s Summit from April 1-3 in New Orleans and the annual Symposium from April 20-23 in Kansas City, we would like to assure you we are monitoring the developments around the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the potential impact on our events.  Both cities have assured us they are taking precautions as outlined by the CDC, which we are also following for both events. We want to ensure our members and guest speakers enjoy the programming we have planned for both programs. If you have specific questions about the program and/or travel to the programs, please contact Janis Ross at 541.915.9479 or Sincerely, Janis Burke, CSEE, Sports ETA Board President & CEO of the Harris County – Houston Sports Authority Al Kidd, President & CEO, Sports ETA

Get your final submissions in for the 2020 Member Awards

 Posted on: March 10 2020
With the 2020 Symposium right around the corner, this is your last chance to submit yourself or your organization for the Sports ETA Member Awards. Organizations are encouraged to participate, regardless of size of budgets or your staff size. Here’s your chance to highlight all the amazing work that you or your team accomplished in 2019. These annual Member Awards celebrate the excellence and accomplishments of its members. Honoring the organizations and individuals that made such a big impact every year.  Sports ETA wants to recognize the outstanding leaders in the industry. The leaders that inspire others, set the pace for performance, and nurture success. The deadline for submitting Member Awards Applications is Friday, March 13. You can find details on submitting an application here. Click here for more information on the award categories or how to submit your project.

Being a Working Mom is Fun – Make it That Way!

 Posted on: March 10 2020
More than ever, today's business climate is transitioning from being male-dominated to embracing equality. Even as a woman, and a mom at that, embracing this is not easy – mom guilt is real. I cannot count how many times I have been asked why I work or have been told I am missing out on my toddler’s childhood. These people could not be more wrong and out of date. Just look at the sports world in today’s society! The thing is, even science can back me up. Research shows mothers who work have long-lasting, positive effects on their kids that go all the way into adulthood. Maybe this shows them that being a parent and working embrace having responsibilities by providing for the ones they love! Being a woman in the sports industry – I can be up against some stigmas sometimes. I adore my job and I know I am good at what I do. But, it doesn’t help that sometimes it can be harder for me to be taken seriously or move up. I have definitely heard jokes on &ld...

Mentor Spotlight: Ariana Tyler

 Posted on: March 5 2020
While it’s months away, chances are that Ariana Tyler has the date marked on her calendar for the football tailgating season to come back. Ariana says that her favorite time out of the whole year is, “Saturday afternoon in September or October, because it means football and tailgating.” As a die-hard Michigan State fan, Ariana’s favorite sports memory was going to the Rose Bowl with her father in 2014 and watching her Spartans steal the win from Stanford in the last minute of the game. For Ariana Tyler, the sport event industry is about giving people a life-long memory. She enjoys meeting peers from across the country and building relationships within the industry. “Learning from others has truly helped me be a better event planner and provide that next level of servicing to our clients,” says Tyler. “Plus, it’s always fun to hear what cool things other cities are doing!” As an Events Manager for the Greater Columbus Spo...

No fans in the stands- the call for the NCAA to protect student-athletes during this year’s March Madness

 Posted on: March 3 2020
Could this year’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament be played without an audience? That’s what the National College Players Association is asking the NCAA to consider. It’s all to protect the players from the coronavirus. In a statement the group released on February 29, 2020, the NCPA says “the NCAA and its colleges should take precautions to protect college athletes.” The NCPA goes on to say precautions such as cancelling auxiliary events such as meet and greets, press events, etc. as not to put players in contact with crowds. As well as athletic programs should “take every possible measure to sanitize buses and airplanes used to transport players.” The NCAA has not commented yet on the statement. The organization does have a coronavirus resources page on their website. There, the NCAA says it “is taking concerted steps to maintain the first-rate delivery of NCAA championship experiences for student-athletes, team personne...

Here's Just a Glimpse at What’s in Store for This Year’s Women’s Summit

 Posted on: February 20 2020
Attention women in the sports industry- Sports ETA is excited to welcome you to the 2020 Women’s Summit on April 1-3 in New Orleans. We’ll be talking about our personalized Enneagram Assessments with Deni Tato, Media Training, and Negotiation Skills for Professional Women with attorney Tracy Warren. The Enneagram Assessment Test is a great opportunity to understand your personal habits. Recognizing not who you are, but why you act in the way that you do. Deni Tato is a certified Enneagram trainer and will help you better understand the deeper motivations behind your behavior in her workshop at this year’s summit. We held a webinar preview for the workshop, which you can access the recoding for here. Also coming to the Women’s Summit is Tracy Warren. The attorney with Buchalter Law will present the best practices to hone negotiation skills specific for professional women. To help with our media skills, Betsy Ross and Jackie Reau from Game Day will teach you...

Mentor Spotlight: Cole Lacey

 Posted on: February 20 2020
If Cole isn’t relaxing on a boat with his friends and family, you can be sure he’s networking until you know the name of Wicomico County, Maryland. Cole works to connect with peers and colleagues to help bring big scale events to a small market. “I focus on strengthening and growing my professional network not only locally, with facilities and various organizations, but nationally with colleagues and event organizers,” said Cole Lacey. Cole was recently promoted to Assistant Tourism Manager at Wicomico County Recreation, Parks & Tourism/TEAM Maryland. His main focus is on bringing new business to Wicomico County including developing proposals and budgets for events with the goal to grow economic impact. Additionally, Cole assists event organizers with logistics and management including facility set up and volunteer/ staffing needs. If there is one thing to take pride in working in sport tourism and events, its recognizing the impact that one single ...

Member Benefit: Tag Sports ETA on social

 Posted on: February 20 2020
Looking for more exposure on your social media posts? Tag Sports ETA in your posts. As a Sports ETA member, you can tag us in your social posts and we’ll like, share, comment, retweet, etc. to help you reach a wider audience. On Twitter, more than 2,500 people are following @Sports_ETA, nearly 2,500 people follow the @SportsETA Facebook page and on Instagram, over 700 people follow us @sports_eta. Sports ETA has a great reach and we want our members to take advantage of it. We are here for you. So try to tag us in your social post once in a while and see what Sports ETA on social can do for you. Facebook: @SportsETA Instagram: @sports_eta Twitter: @Sports_ETA

Mentor Spotlight: Mike Sharpe

 Posted on: February 18 2020
A dream came true for Mike Sharpe just a few weeks ago- his hometown team won the Super Bowl! Not only that, he had a hand in planning the celebration parade for the Kansas City Chiefs. And while celebrating this momentous occasion, the Sharpe family found one of the biggest Kansas City fans around- actor Paul Rudd. This dream didn’t happen overnight for Sports ETA mentor Mike Sharpe. He’s been in the sports industry for almost 30 years. Now he works at the Director of Business Development for the Kansas City Sports Commission & Foundation. Some of Mike’s responsibilities include overseeing all facets of national event procurement for the organization. As well as handling governmental affairs at the city, county, and state levels. If there is one thing that has remained constant through Mike’s career has been leadership. He has spent the last three decades working his way up from student manager, to head coach, to Athletic Director, to an Assistant ...
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