Døds Diving League Making a Splash in the USA!

 Posted on: April 2 2024
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Join us on Tuesday, April 9 at 11:30 AM ET as Paul Rigault shares what it will take to host a Døds Diving event in the United States. Register Now.

Døds Diving is an extreme diving sport that is revolutionizing traditional diving. Originating in Norway in the 1970s, the sport has seen exponential growth in recent years both within Norway and internationally. Featuring both male and female divers, and demonstrating mass appeal to Gen Z and Millennials, Døds Diving live events are not only thrilling to watch in person, but are rapidly becoming a media sensation with an international event calendar, worldwide broadcast, and over 400 million views on TikTok.

 “One of the fastest growing extreme sport in the world’ – Fox News

From 2024 onwards, Døds Diving is looking to expand the Døds Diving League into the USA starting with 3 events and growing to 7 by 2027.




Any questions regarding event owner webinars, contact our Member Services team at info@SportsETA.org.


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