Find Out How Valuable your Event Really Is To You

 Posted on: January 27 2020
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How much are events worth to your destination? That’s a question many sport commissions ask themselves. Knowledge is power and that is where the Event Impact Calculator is useful.

The Event Impact Calculator, in partnership with Destinations International, is the most effective way to categorically measure the economic value of a sporting event and the event’s return on investment to local taxes.

Tourism Economics, an Oxford Economics Company, developed this Sports Module and platform including several sport event types: Youth, Adult Amateur, College Regular Season, College Championship and Professional Sport Events. This tool allows for quantitative analysis and the direct impact of events on businesses, employment, income and taxes.

The Event Impact Calculator has proven itself both credible and comprehensive after extensive data input from more than 200 destination organizations. With over 100,000 events analyzed, the program has become an industry standard as sports commissions can produce detailed impact analysis on events with minimal user input required.

Size, duration, and type of event entered by the sports commission organization are basic parameters that help to accurately provide event impact data and results. With annually updated complementary data sources to ensure the most complete model used for the calculations.

Annual fees for licensing the EIC Sports Module are based on the organization's annual operating budget. Click here for the specific annual fee amounts.

Sports Commissions are eligible for subscription if they have no local CVB, or if they do have an independent CVB and have attained consent to subscribe.

Member feedback has been incorporated into version updates with the assistance of the support program provided by Destinations International, Sports ETA, and Tourism Economics. The online and web support program includes tutorial videos to demonstrate how best to utilize the Event Impact Calculator.


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