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 Posted on: August 7 2019
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Feeling stuck trying to attract sponsors to invest in your event? It’s time to spice up your sponsorship practices. Event Manager Blog has a few suggestions on how to bring in more sponsors in a unique way.

Raise your game. As you plan an event, think of unique ways sponsors could fit into the event like a lounge where you can partner up with a furniture store. The store brings in their furniture and guests could purchase items right there, and on the flip side, your guests will have a comfortable space to relax. The same could be done with centerpieces and a flower shop or a signature drink and a local bar or brewery. This can help when potential sponsors are looking for a way to show off their products.

Bring in the tech world. Online marketing and ads have become a difficult way for some events to obtain satisfactory sponsorships. That’s where Event Manager Blog says augmented reality can help. Think about customized filters or frames for apps like Snapchat or Facebook. It’s a way to promote a sponsor at the event and many users love a custom filter. You can also use such apps to tell the sponsor’s story in a more organic way. Going to the previous example of the furniture store sponsoring a lounge, on the day the store loads in furniture, plan on showing behind-the-scenes pictures or video. Then, follow it up with how the company was founded several generations ago or how they pick which furniture to bring into their store. Users like seeing that behind-the-scenes footage, use that to your advantage to tell the sponsor’s story.

Don’t forget the photos. Photos are a great way to leave your guests with a lasting impression. Event Manager Blog has found photo booths or branded props can boost a sponsor’s reach. Let them take a picture and they’ll post it on social media giving the sponsor an opportunity to reach a larger audience.

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