Kansas City Bucket List - 2020 Symposium and so much more

 Posted on: July 22 2019

The Symposium is one of the most thrilling times of the year with opportunities to network, participate in various educational sessions, and explore a new city. If you would like more info about the Symposium, visit: https://www.sportseta.org/symposium/about

28th annual Symposium
April 20-23, 2020
Kansas City, MO
Hosted by Visit KC and Kansas City Sports Commission

We are already preparing for the 2020 Symposium. Schedule, education sessions, and speakers will be announced later this year! If you have not attended the Symposium before, this is the year to begin - because Kansas City has it all!

Plan your trip to come down early or stay later to explore all that Kansas City has to offer. We made a “Bucket List” of a few activities you and your coworkers can try next year:

  1. Go ziplining with Zip KC - they can take you on ziplining tours day or night in the park! They also offer team building activities if you want to take your entire Sports Commission on the adventure.

(Photo courtesy of Zip KC)

  1. Grab a drink underground at a speakeasy

(Photo courtesy of Manifesto)

Two locations recommended by KC locals are Swordfish Tom’s or Manifesto.

Rooftop bars can be fun, but these historic locations operated as speakeasies during prohibition and continue to create an authentic and relaxed environment for guests.

  1. Visit a Jazz, Art, Sports, or History Museum!

(Photo courtesy of American Jazz Museum)

There are almost 30 museums located in Kansas City, MO. Take some time to see which ones might interest you.

  1. FOOD!

(Photo courtesy of @gatesbbqkc)

KC is known for their BBQ so finding a local stop near the Symposium will not be an issue.

For more ideas, you can add to your “bucket list” in KC, visit: www.visitkc.com/.


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