September’s Featured Member Benefit – Event RFP Database and Event Webinars

 Posted on: September 15 2016

We continue our featured benefit for the month of September with a blog post on the Event RFP Database and Event Webinars.

As the sport tourism industry's only association, the NASC emphasizes educational and professional development opportunities year-round that help make our members more effective in the business of bidding on, booking, and managing sporting events. The NASC uses a variety of platforms, including the Event RFP Database and Event Webinars, to share information with serious-minded sport tourism executives. Information-sharing is one of the cornerstones on which the NASC was founded.  NASC members have access to many resources to help them get their share of the sport tourism industry.


NASC rights holder members can post their events available for bid in the NASC Event RFP Database.  NASC active members may search the database by event name, bid deadline, organization name or sport to find events to bid on. The event database is FREE for NASC members. Once an RFP is added to the Event RFP Database, all NASC active members receive a notification of the new event.


Through our Event Webinar platform, rights holder members have the opportunity to share information about their organization, sport(s) and events with 50+ cities interested in learning more about what it takes to host their event(s).  If you have a current event out for bid, you may review the requirements for that event and what you look for in a host city (typically 10-15 minute presentation).  We also leave some time at the end for Q&A.  Webinars only take about 30 minutes.  

If your organization doesn’t currently have events available for bid, webinars are a wonderful way to lay the foundation for future discussions with cities who are qualified to host your events. Event webinars are a great way for destinations to quickly gather information about an event owner, their events, and requirements to bid on and/or host events.  Ask questions about an RFP or general requirements to see if your organization meets the qualifications outlined by the event owner.

Event webinars are available for replay throughout the calendar year on our Event Webinar Archives page. Membership is required to access both the Event RFP Database and Event Webinar Archives pages. 

Check out the upcoming Event Webinar schedule now!


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