The Pulse Recap: Advocacy

 Posted on: April 22 2020
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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many challenges to the sports tourism industry. In The Pulse, we have been asking members about these hardships and what the future may hold.

Last week, we asked about the challenges of advocating for sports events and tourism. The top four answers were…

  1. Budget & Funding
  2. Post COVID-19 Protocol
  3. Uncertainty of the future
  4. Partnerships

Many sports commissions and event organizers are facing a decrease in funds due to COVID-19. Some who were surveyed said they are having to “justify” their spending. Others are faced with questions of how to plan for sporting events when no one is sure of the timeline or protocol after this pandemic has passed.

There are resources out there. The Pulse asked those who took the survey what resources they are utilizing. Many said Sports ETA (and we thank you for that), and other sports commissions and organizations. Others are pulling their resources with government entities and State Associations. A few more are looking to the US Travel Association to determine when travel restrictions will be lifted. All of these are great resources to use during this time.

While this spring has not gone the way many of us envisioned, there is hope on the horizon. The Pulse asked what is giving you hope. Here are just a few of the responses…

  • State reopening
  • Eager participation
  • Curve flattening
  • Their communities
  • Unity
  • Opportunities

You can add your opinion to The Pulse each week. A new survey comes out each Thursday on our website and in the Get in the Game e-newsletter.


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