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 Posted on: September 9 2019
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Don't miss out on these exciting opportunities to earn CSEE credits before the end of the year!

First up, CSEE at the 2019 4S Summit

October 8 | 2:00pm - 5:00pm | Providence, RI

Now Presenting: Presence, Presentation Skills, & Media Training

Now Presenting activates the idea that every interaction and every conversation is an opportunity to make a positive and lasting impression on others, whether it’s connecting with a new vendor, providing a critical service or reaching out for community support.

Through the Now Presenting curriculum and approach, participants will learn tools to identify communication strengths and weaknesses, ensuring that they make the most positive impression on clients, colleagues, and the media while still being true to themselves. In this program, participants learn-by-doing through exercises that help them stay confident and consistent in the media spotlight, as well as in traditional presentations and daily interactions. Now Presenting helps participants maximize each communication opportunity and develop an active internal/external presence that makes them, the organization, and their stakeholders proud.

Targeted Results:

Techniques to enhance presence, public speaking/presentation skills, and media/ social media interaction, so you can:

  • Improve self-awareness, audience-awareness, and the ability to adjust in the moment

  • Boost presence, charm, and behaviors that build authentic connections

  • Stay flexible, think quickly on your feet, and add personality, wit, and appropriate humor

  • Hone your content, style, and format while maximizing logistics and preparation


In addition to earning 4 CSEE credits at the fall live course, you'll also earn 4 CSEE credits by attending 4S Summit! That's 8 CSEE credits you could earn in Providence!

The second opportunity to earn CSEE credit is by attending the Sports Facilities Summit October 24 - 26 at Grand Park Sports Campus in Westfield, IN. There is not a separate CSEE course taking place, but the education offered during the Summit is exceptional, and we're giving attendees 4 CSEE credits!

The third opportunity is at the Chief Executive Summit November 5-6 in Louisville, KY. Similar to the Sports Facilities Summit, there isn't a separate CSEE class, however, due to nop-notch education and speakers, CE attendees will earn 4 CSEE credits.

The fourth opportunity is at the 2019 TEAMS Conference, where we are hosting a separate CSEE course. Sports ETA members receive a discounted registration rate for the CSEE course, where they can earn 4 CSEE credits.

November 12 | 8am - 12pm | Anaheim, CA

Protecting Your Events
How to Prepare for Uncertainty and Adverse Conditions

Is your organization and event team prepared and resilient to manage adverse events within complex and uncertain operating environments?  During this workshop, Peter will present three (3) individual, 75 min focus sessions:

  1. Introduction to the Fundamentals of Enterprise Risk Management
  2. Secure by Design: Principles for protecting crowded spaces during events
  3. Mission Ready – critical decision making and how to optimize individual and team performance through a risk-based preparedness approach for the “knowns” (familiar and consistent) and enhance resilience for the “unknowns”


Questions about these CSEE offerings or your CSEE credits? Contact Member Services at Info@SportsETA.org or 513.281.3888.


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