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 Posted on: December 4 2018
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I must confess that I do not read as much as I should, something that I hope to change in the New Year.

My neighbor is retired and he spends a lot of time in and around his yard. His efforts there are productive as he has a great lawn and it looks amazing through the growing cycle.

Many years ago, on our Public Television Station there was a regular program that was hosted by Jerry Baker, America’s Master Gardener. My wife recently purchased a book from him, “Fast Fixes and Miracle Mixes for your Lawn and Garden.” Inside, is over 300 pages of lawn care cures and home remedies for your lawn and garden.

Our winter here in Dayton, OH seems to have started early as we had our first snow and ice in mid-November. I did not get around to it, but one of the recipes in the book for Fall Lawn Food application included:

  • 1 bag of low-nitrogen dry lawn food (enough for 2,500 square feet)
  • 3 lbs. of Epsom Salts
  • 1 cup of gentle dry laundry soap (not detergent)

Place in your lawn spreader at ½ the rate recommended on the lawn food bag

+++for best results apply a day or two before rain.

Thinking about all of this led me to ponder….am I preparing for the winter sales cycle? Over my 25 years of being on staff here at the Dayton Convention and Visitors Bureau, I have found that it is easier to call and speak with a prospective client this time of year. Maybe it’s because of the holidays and they are not traveling as much? While talking with them, they seem to share a little more about themselves and events they are planning. Those conversations may help you get a head start on preparing a proposal.

Also, this time of year has the potential for some of those late year event and tournament decisions to be pushed back or postponed until first quarter of next year.  Talking with the client and getting an update can help you keep your hospitality partners current and in the know on the latest decision date changes.

We have several event planners here in town that, because of their schedules and availability, only host events every 2-3 years. Now would be a good time to meet, take them to lunch and get caught up on what they are considering for future dates.

I am sure that your budget cycle for 2019 is well under way, if not approved, if you are on a calendar year schedule. If the NASC Symposium is not in your budget or there is some teetering on whether it will get approved or not, please press forward with those budget decision makers to make it a reality. The Symposium (Knoxville, TN, May 6-9, 2019) is one of the most educational and cost-productive trade shows that you can attend.

I trust that you will all have a safe and happy holiday season and a successful 2019!

Holiday Greetings,

Ron Eifert
Senior Sales Manager
Dayton Convention and Visitors Bureau
NASC Mentoring & Engagement Committee


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