4 Reasons to Earn Your CSEE

 Posted on: December 20 2016
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The NASC is the leader in the sport tourism industry when it comes to providing educational opportunities to its members. The Certified Sports Event Certification (CSEE) is the most recognized professional designation in our industry. The program, having been developed in 2002, has continued to evolve as the needs of the NASC members have changed. Sessions have focused on such topics as Media Relations, Hotel Contract Negotiations, Strategic Planning, Coordination of Volunteers, RFPs and the Bidding Process, and Social Media. Online courses were also recently launched to supplement the live courses.

As a sport tourism professional, I believe it’s important to continuously keep myself educated on what’s happening in our industry. My primary reasons for earning my CSEE include:

1. Knowledge - The world around us is constantly changing and it’s imperative that for us to do the best jobs we can, that we stay informed. CSEE courses provide us with another source of information, on a variety of topics, that we can then add to our own knowledge base.

2. Professionalism – When working with clients, I want them to know that I take our industry seriously and that by obtaining and maintaining my CSEE, I am staying current on issues that are important to them.

3. Investment – By completing my CSEE designation, both time and financial resources have been invested into my continuing education. In doing so, I am an asset to my employer, my community, and my customers. Because NASC is the provider of the CSEE program, as students, we are also investing back in our association.

4. Network – CSEE graduates provide a network of industry professionals with a mastery of knowledge and commitment to the sport tourism industry, which is vital to the success of our organizations.

Yes, the CSEE is a commitment of your time, but what you gain through the program is worth the investment.

Bonny Bernat, CSEE
Senior Sports & Events Sales Manager, Visit Winston-Salem


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