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We'll be the first to tell you how impactful, valuable, beneficial, crucial, necessary, and exciting the 4S Summit is - and we could go on and on - but why not let our members tell you what they're excited about and why they attend the 4S Summit? 

Here's what 4S & Rights Holder Summit attendees had to say after attending the event:

"I have attended 5+ years of Sports ETA Symposiums, but this was my first opportunity to attend the 4S Summit. What an impactful experience I had on so many levels, with great content that led to deep and meaningful conversations about sales, sponsorships, service, and strategy. More importantly, the structure of the conference allowed for new relationships to form, and existing ones enhanced to further develop my skills and knowledge of the sports tourism industry. Learning and collaborating with industry peers and partners is a major benefit of attending the 4S Summit. Fantastic job by the entire Sports ETA staff and host city on creating a first-class educational conference." - Anonymous

"I was extremely happy with the ideas and processes that I could take back to my CVB. To hear how others are operating and being successful was a huge part of why I attended 4S Summit. I am really excited to experience 4S 2024 with even more experience under my belt." - Nick Anderson, Destination Toledo

"Once again Sports ETA delivered with the 4S & Rights Holder Summit. This is one of the events I look forward to the most each year. Not only was the content on point, but El Paso crushed it as a host city. I can't wait for next year." - J.B. Carney, Eugene, Cascades & Coast Sports Commission

"This was a great change of pace from most conferences I attend. I had a chance to have more intimate interactions and conversations with industry experts."- Anonymous

"The 4S Summit is a great opportunity for professionals of all experience levels to network, share trends, situations and collaboration touchpoints for events in their destination. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting my contemporaries from all across the United States and connecting to foster new relationships without the pressure of selling to NGBs and events rights holders." - Dan Barto, Visit Central Florida Sports

"I must say I came to this Summit with many questions but with the time I spent in the round tables and the open discussions I have been made aware of many dynamics and useful tools for rights holders. I would recommend for all rights holders who are just starting out or the groups like me who have been in the game for years come and learn all of the new technologies and ways to help your business thrive." - Norm McLean, United Flag Football

"With an emphasis on educational content, 4S Summit allows attendees the opportunity to learn best practices, find solutions to problems they are facing back home, and strengthen relationships with peers. I love that there is value for everyone including multiple team members from the same organization."- Anonymous

"I had a wonderful time at the 4S Summit and am so thankful that we have an event like this. I am rather new to my organization and it was the perfect way to connect with other sport colleagues and make lasting connections. I am already excited for next year!" - Anonymous

"This was my first 4S Summit and I will definitely be attending in the future. The opportunity to share best practices and learn from industry peers was invaluable." - Angela Gandy, Senior Sports Development Manager, Albuquerque Sports Commission, a division of Visit Albuquerque

"I love attending the 4S & Rights Holder Summit. The networking and industry connections that you are able to cultivate is unlike any other." - Amber Brewer, Rochester, NY Sports Commission

"This was my first time attending the 4S Summit and it DID NOT disappoint! The schedule of events was structured perfectly! I came in a day early for the STS course and was blown away by Kyle Stark, GameOn Nation and Sports ETA with providing such a thorough and welcoming session! I look forward to attending 4S again in the future!"- Anonymous

"Attending 4S allows one to grow their personal brand in addition to the organization they represent. The intimate setting of 4S promotes increased interaction with fellow attendees." - Hank Pivarnik, Sonesta International

"Pleasantly surprised with my first 4S Summit. El Paso was great! A hidden gem I likely would not have visited if it was not for Sports ETA choosing to host 4S there. The education and opportunities to network with industry colleagues was also great. Discussing successes, opportunities and challenges with a diverse group of destinations was valuable. I am taking back some new ideas with me to Detroit!" - Greg Brannan Detroit Sports Commission

"The 4S Summit was the perfect first conference for new young professionals who have recently joined the industry. The time frame allows for a quick taste of what Sports ETA conferences are like and I believe will help me be better prepared for longer, more in depth conferences. As a beginner in the industry, the 4S summit was the perfect first conference that provided beneficial education on how the industry functions." - Awbrey Mitchell, Auburn-Opelika Tourism

"I value the time I have at 4S to learn from the educational sessions, and from my colleagues. I can't wait to return in 2024!" - Meaghan Hughes, Ann Arbor Sports Commission

"The 4S Summit is one of my favorite events to attend. The ability to share knowledge, ideas, and success stories with your industry colleagues is invaluable." - Anonymous

"In today's landscape, a successful DMO/sports commission must stay flexible and willing to continue to learn and evolve. It's critical that we learn from one another and share our challenges, successes, and failures. With advancements in tech that are literally changing the game in sports tourism, a DMO/commission can quickly fall behind unless they are willing to seek out education. The 4S Summit is the perfect resource for those looking keep an edge, and be a leader vs a follower." - Anonymous

"If you’re struggling with a certain area in sports tourism or in your organization, 4S is the place to tackle that with your peers! Everyone is open to sharing ideas and concepts to help one another cohesively!" - Katy Tigchelaar, West Michigan Sports Commission

"Sports ETA 4S Summit is a great event to meet industry peers without the pressure of selling. It is a great way to expand your network in a relaxed environment." - Anonymous

​​​​​​​"It has been five years since I have attended the 4S Summit. The educational sessions and speakers were phenomenal. I learned a lot about the El Paso sports community. To learn from them how they are weaving sports, tourism and economic development, gives me the tools to work on strategies in our own community. Glad I came to the 4Summit!" - Anonymous

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