The Economic Impact Calculator model and Event Spending data are based upon studies completed by Sportsimpacts at over 50 events within the last decade spanning various market sizes and event types, and a 2011-2012 Consumer Spending study conducted by the University of Arizona Sports Management program that analyzed daily visitor spending trends at 30 events spanning various market sizes and event types.

Dr. Pat Rishe, Executive Director of Sportsimpacts, a national sports consulting firm, originally developed the calculator in 2007, which offers a consistent approach to calculate and report economic impact results. When used properly, the calculator allows Sports ETA members to approximate the total direct spending stemming from all non-local sources, and report upon such findings in an accurate manner.

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  • All reports are saved to your account
  • Members can either save and exit a report to complete at a later date, or view and print completed reports
  • Spectator survey developed to help members gather data required for inputs
  • Two options for approaches
    • Itemized
    • Aggregate
  • Three set of calculations (members can complete one, two or all three sets of calculations depending on the data you desire)
    • Spending by event spectators
    • Spending by event participants
    • Spending stemming from other non-local sources