Sports Tourism Executive/ceo of the YEar


This award honors the sports tourism CEO who demonstrates only the highest levels of achievement, personal conduct and professionalism in the sports events and  tourism industry in the 2018 calendar year. The recipient demonstrates exceptional qualities of leadership in his or her own organizations, and displays a deep commitment to the advancement of the sports events and tourism industry as a whole. Individuals from organizations in the Destination member category are eligible to apply.

Submission Guidelines

Winner will be selected based on exemplary performance and merit. 

For your entry to be considered, you must address each of the judging criteria categories and clearly address each section of your description as outlined below.
Please include the following in your 1,000-word description (attachments do not count towards word count):

•    Section One: Written statement detailing your organization’s mission, objectives and goals for the 2018 calendar year. (10 pts)
•    Section Two: Specific examples that show how you helped your organization achieve or exceed these goals.  Examples of the impact that your organization’s activities have had on the sports events and tourism industry or your community (i.e. economic impact, hotel occupancy, growth in membership, etc.). (25 pts)
•    Section Three: Describe how you made a humanitarian impact during the 2018 calendar year (either as part of your organization or individually).  Nominees should exhibit humanitarian qualities such as honesty, integrity, responsibility, compassion, and courage, and an exemplary commitment of time and energy serving others or towards the event(s). (25 pts)
•    Section Four: Describe ways that you aided your organization to gain more exposure or engagement.  Examples can include media or public relations, acquisition of new sponsors or financial partners, gaining new partners (rights holders or local sports events hosts), etc. (20 pts)
•    Section Five: Include examples of support from community or industry leaders, strategic partners and/or organizations affected by your activities in your attachments.  (10 pts)
•    Section Six: Contributions to Sports ETA (i.e. board service, committee participation, CSEE certification, support of Sports ETA's mission, attend Sports ETA events, outreach, etc.). (10 pts)

Submit an entry

For more information, contact Kathy Nelson, or Derek Bombeck,, Awards Committee Chairs.