Sports Commission of the Year


This award is given to a Destination member who has had the most exceptional impact on their local community through sports events and visitor spending during the 2019 calendar year.  This organization should also show a commitment to Sports ETA and its mission. Sports commissions, sports councils, and sports authorities may apply for this award.

Submission Guidelines

Winning organization will be selected based on exemplary performance and merit. 

For your entry to be considered, you must address each of the judging criteria categories and clearly address each section of your description as outlined below.
Please include the following in your 1,000-word description (attachments do not count towards word count):

•    Section One: Written statement detailing sports commission mission, objectives and goals for the 2019 calendar year. Organization may submit annual business plan in the attachments to meet the criteria. (5 pts)
•    Section Two: Measurable examples of how outlined goals were achieved through execution of sports commission activities (must have occurred in 2019).   Examples of the impact that the sports commission activities have had on a direct impact on the local community (i.e. economic impact, hotel occupancy, etc.), level of community engagement (i.e. community interest/support, corporate involvement, etc.) and/or benefits to local civic organizations. (35 pts)
•    Section Three: Evidence that your activities benefited community/city by promoting it as a sports destination regionally, nationally or internationally. (20 pts)
•    Section Four: Specific examples that set the standard for the quality of the event(s) that were produced or hosted by a sports commission.  This can include branding, attendance, financial success, positive references and the sustainability of the event, if this is an annual event. (20 pts)
•    Section Five: Include examples of support from community leaders, strategic partners and/or organizations affected by your activities in your attachments. (10 pts)
•    Section Six: Contributions by the organization or staff members to Sports ETA (i.e. board service, committee participation, attend Sports ETA events, outreach, years of membership, etc.).  (10 pts)

For more information, contact Derek Bombeck,, or Meaghan Hughes,, Awards Committee Chairs.