Destination Branding & Marketing Campaign of the Year

Destination Branding & Marketing Campaign of the Year


This award is given to a Destination member with the most outstanding comprehensive marketing campaign for its organization during the 2019 calendar year. This can include a variety of types of marketing: print ads, newsletters, email blasts, digital marketing (including websites, social media components, etc.), press releases, media coverage or any other promotional program. The campaign should promote the sports destination not general travel or meetings.

Submission Guidelines

Winning organization will be selected based on exemplary performance and merit. 

For your entry to be considered, you must address each of the judging criteria categories and clearly address each section of your description as outlined below.
Please include the following in your 1,000-word description (attachments do not count towards word count):

•    Section One: Written statement detailing your sports events and tourism strategy, purpose, objectives and goals as it relates to your overall destination marketing and branding strategy (20 pts)
•    Section Two: Examples of how outlined goals were achieved through execution of marketing campaign (20 pts)
•    Section Three: Creativity of the campaign and how that creativity conveys the message of your organization as a sports destination (20 pts)
•    Section Four: Production quality of any marketing collateral created to support marketing strategy including any social media platforms that were used. Cohesiveness of marketing pieces and/or messaging used in overall campaign and how they support campaign purpose and goals.  Include samples marketing collateral in your attachments. (25 pts)
•    Section Five: Explain how the campaign budget supported the objectives and give examples of partnerships, sponsors, etc. who provided additional resources towards the campaign (cash or in-kind) (15 pts)

For more information, contact Derek Bombeck,, or Meaghan Hughes,, Awards Committee Chairs.