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We'll be the first to tell you how impactful, valuable, beneficial, crucial, necessary, and exciting the CE Summit is - and we could go on and on - but why not let our members tell you what they loved about the CE Summit? 

Here's what Chief Executive Summit attendees had to say after attending the event:

"The Sports ETA Chief Executive Summit was a great couple of days full of learning, networking and fun! The planning and execution of the event was very well done, and the intentional programming and collaboration opportunities provided an exceptional experience for attendees! I look forward to Fort Worth in 2025!" - Kelley Roberts, Team Travel Source

"The education and collaboration made this an extremely impactful experience for me. To understand what some of my peers are doing, both good practices and areas for improvement, help me understand how I make my community better. Really enjoyed getting to have honest, open conversations with so many leaders in the sport tourism industry." - Ben Snyder, Grand Junction Sports Commission

"The CE Summit continues to be the “go to” event for those either in the decision making role or those on their way." - Anonymous

"I absolutely love the CE Summit! This was my second year attending and will definitely be a go to annual conference for me. The education sessions, combined with the networking opportunities and willingness to share best practices makes this a cannot miss event for all sports tourism Execs." - Anonymous

"Being able to network and learn with your peers has been the hallmark of the Sports ETA CE Summit." Jonathan Paris, Visit Myrtle Beach

"As a first-time attendee at the SportsETA Chief Executive Summit, I was thoroughly impressed by the caliber of industry leaders gathered under one roof. The summit provided a unique platform for networking with top executives, gaining invaluable insights into the latest trends and strategies shaping the sports events and tourism industry. The engaging discussions, thought-provoking panels, and collaborative atmosphere truly exceeded my expectations. Attending this summit has not only expanded my professional network but also equipped me with actionable takeaways to drive success in my role. I look forward to returning next year and continuing to be part of this dynamic community." Ryan Ritchie, Discover Lake County (Florida)

"I really enjoyed the opportunities to meet others and discuss at high level of what we’re trying to accomplish and how we can go to the next level. There is a lot of years experience at this event!" Jared Bruggeman, Joplin Sports Authority

"This was my first Chief Executive Summit and what a great job done by both Sports ETA and it's Team as well as the San Jose Team. They brought in great speakers and the content relative to what's going on in today's world." Mark Rath, Visit Omaha

"The CE Summit is always the best event of the year for our dollar. It will be on our calendars for next year for sure." - Anonymous

"We are all struggling in this space, even if not specifically in our shops. Our partners/members are in a very difficult position with staff, which in turn is generating issues for all of us. If a hotel salesperson is folding towels and cleaning rooms, they are unable to provide contracts. If the event space sales position is vacant or having to clean the venue, we can’t get events scheduled or executed properly. All real-time issues we are currently dealing with. Workforce development is a strategy in our business plan for next year, and beyond. It’s become a critical focus. I'm eager to learn and discuss more on this topic at the CE Summit."  Mike Price, Ann Arbor Sports Commission

"It was an honor to attend the Sports ETA Chief Executive Summit and present during one of the main sessions. The event attracted a high caliber of top performers and decision-makers in the industry. The content shared was fresh, timely and highly relevant. And the networking opportunities were exceptional. The CE Summit is a must-attend for those looking to lead, grow or evolve in sports and event tourism." Brad Dean, Discover Puerto Rico

"The CE Summit is easily my favorite educational event of the year. I always look forward to it. The combination of professional development and networking with old and new friends and industry peers is tough to beat. Sports ETA does a fantastic job putting together the agenda. It’s condensed, concise and on-point, so you can be in and out of town pretty efficiently while still getting a lot out of it. It’s well-thought-out and just an all-around excellent meeting."
Scott Dupree, Greater Raleigh Sports Alliance

“The CE Summit delivered relevant presenters and content addressing important issues and opportunities in our industry.  It provided the opportunity to get peer perspectives, share our collective experiences and best practices around each issue and opportunity.  Best of all, you get to broaden, deepen and personalize your professional network.” Jim Etzel, Sport Oregon

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