Title IX Trailblazers: How Title IX Changed the Game


Join us for an inspiring discussion with legendary Women's Basketball Hall of Famers who will share their firsthand experiences of how Title IX revolutionized the game.

This panel discussion will delve into the transformative impact of Title IX on women's basketball. Our esteemed panelists, who themselves shaped the sport during this era of immense change, will:

  • Discuss the challenges and opportunities they faced before and after Title IX.
  • Share personal stories that highlight the impact of the legislation on their careers.
  • Explore how Title IX continues to influence the landscape of women's sports today.
  • Offer insights and advice for the next general of female athletes.

This is a unique opportunity to hear from the pioneers who paved the way for women's basketball.

Elizabeth Galloway-McQuitter, President, Legends of the Ball Inc.
Charlene McWhorter Jackson, Treasurer, Legends of the Ball Inc.
Adrian Mitchell Newell, Secretary, Legends of the Ball Inc.

Betsy Ross, Game Day Communications

Thank you to our sponsor, Florida Sports Foundation.

Time & Location:

 Date:Thursday, April 4
 Time:08:00 AM - 09:15 AM

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