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North American COVID-19 Barometer: March 13-23, 2020
  • About eight in 10 (79%) of responding DMOs expect the coronavirus to have an extreme impact on tourism economy (up from 8% a week ago)
  • Nearly 100% of DMOs reported event cancellations/postponement due to the coronavirus situation (from under 40% last week)
  • 30% of responding DMOs reported receiving more than 20 coronavirus-related inquiries on a daily basis (up from 4% in the previous week)
    • Inquiries are mostly event cancellations and closures (attractions, restaurants, hotels/lodging)
  • Although fewer than 30% of responding DMOs have their own pandemic emergency plans, they continue to play a role in reassuring the traveling public (e.g., share information with partners, posting COVID-19 information on their website or social media, sending dedicated email updates to potential travelers).

Source: MMGY and Destinations International

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Economic Impact Analysis

Revised projections released this week show a worsening impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the U.S. economy and travel workforce by the end of April due to declining travel. See the full report.


Cares Act

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What Assistance Am I Eligible For?

Reference U.S. Travel Association's Guide to CARES Act Eligibility to navigate which part of the CARES Act applies to your organization.


How Much Is Offered and How Can I Apply?

Once you determine your eligibility, reference our fact sheets that provide detail on the funding programs.


ADARA's Traveler Trends Tracker taps into real-time travel data to track travel-related consumer behavior.

The data below provides searches and bookings from the past week.

Source: ADARA


U.S. Travel Association Unpacks CARES Act for the Travel Industry

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A compilation of key takeaways from surveys gauging traveler sentiment around coronavirus.

National Tracking Poll: COVID-19 and Travel Sentiment
March 18-19, 2020
  • 75% of travelers will change their travel plans in the next six months (from 58% last week)
    • 48% will cancel their trip completely (from 28%)
    • 39% will reduce their travel plans (from 36%)
    • 18% will change their destination so they can drive instead of fly (from 30%)
    • 14% will change trip from international to domestic (from 22%)
  • 58% indicated that coronavirus would greatly impact their decision to travel in the next six months (from 35% last week)

Source: Longwoods International