Marketplace Create Stage - Sports ETA Symposium

Marketplace Create Stage

 Thursday, Apr 25, 2024
  - (Pacific Time)
Discover the latest in sports tourism on our Marketplace Create Stage powered by EventConnect! Join industry experts for insights, strategies, and success stories that will elevate your understanding. Don't miss this opportunity to network and gain valuable knowledge!

2:50 PM - 3:10 PM PT
Winning Experiences: Leveraging Technology for Seamless Connection
Sean Flaherty, Co-Founder & CEO, Playeasy
Kerri Shields, Co-Founder & President, Playeasy

Learn how your organization can leverage technology to gain a competitive edge by providing unmatched digital services and experiences. Explore innovative strategies to elevate your sporting events through cutting edge digital solutions, delivering exceptional experiences for your event partners, local stakeholders and attendees. Uncover valuable insights from previously inaccessible data, revolutionizing your approach to sports tourism.

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