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More Than Sports: Creating Engaging Experiences at Scale

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Consider intersection of sports and entertainment

• Regardless of size… consider what makes your city special, tap into storytelling
• Consider all cultural touchpoints
• Incorporate distinct aspects of your location within the design of an experience
How do you festivalize?

• To create something special…
o What’s special about your destination?
o What are your assets?
o How can you create something that’s uniquely yours?
o How can your destination complement an experience vs compete with it?

• Practically speaking…
o Understand access and supporting infrastructure
o Consider travel, transport, accommodation options (camping / glamping vs. hotels)

Content Providers:
• Gary Myers, VP, Strategy & Creative, BaAM
• Matthew Payne, Head of Denver Sports Commission
• Moderator - Lucy Strong, Head of Strategy, BaAM

Time & Location:

 Date:Tuesday, May 3
 Time:01:00 PM - 01:45 PM

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