Building Sports Tourism From The Ground Up


This session details our destinations journey in building a true sports tourism program for the Greenville-Pitt County, North Carolina MSA from virtually nothing to being a funded sports council in only a three-year period. This session will give attendees the opportunity to interact with their peers as time will be allowed for them to share their challenges in starting a sports tourism program. This session will be especially useful for smaller to mid-size destinations that are starting their programs from scratch as we did here in Greenville, North Carolina or that have experienced push-back from their community/elected leadership during their efforts to start a formal sports tourism program.

Key takeaways for attendees include the following:

  • Understand the educational process that must take place within the community to garner support for sports tourism                                 

  • Learn to identify key community members and stakeholders to advocate for your organization and develop partner relationships        

  • Identification of potential funding sources to assist with sports tourism development                                                                               

  • How to best utilize return on investment values to augment your argument for a sports tourism program or formal sports organization.

Time & Location:

 Date:Tuesday, May 7
 Time:01:45 PM - 02:45 PM
 Room:200 AB

Additional Information:

 Speakers:Andrew Schmidt
 Topics:Administration & Management

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