How Events-Rights Holders and Destinations (of any size) Can Take Advantage of Coaching for Literacy’s Campaign & Advocate Big for their Communities


No longer is it feasible for our industry to rely only on the numbers to defend and advocate relevancy. A recent national study shows that the majority of government stakeholders recognize the economic impact of tourism. Yet these same stakeholders who have oversight over our budgets still struggle to understand the need for investing in tourism promotion or the value that destination marketing brings to our communities. Residents, not our typical target audience, too often share this sentiment and question whether tourism entities are making the best investment decisions.

To that end, this session will show why creating collaborative partnerships with nonendemic travel brands with strong social responsibility will amplify our message, improve our communities, deepen loyalty among residents and our customers, and create genuine excitement and context to the ROI metrics we report.

‘Coaching For Literacy’, which has conducted over 100 Fight for Literacy Games with more than 50 NCAA teams, has supported 10,000+ children in 23 communities nationwide. We’ll show how this program aligns with sports tourism events and why your organization can tap into this campaign to put an end to illiteracy and greatly improve the quality of life for everyone in your communities.

Time & Location:

 Date:Thursday, May 9
 Time:01:45 PM - 02:45 PM
 Room:200 DE

Additional Information:

 Topics:Leadership & Innovation

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