Self-Paced Learning Deep-Dives

 Monday, Jun 29, 2020
June 29 through July 13 – Self-Paced Learning Deep-Dives

Attendees are able to review the following pre-recorded education sessions via their computer anytime between June 29 and July 13. Sessions can be paused, restarted or watched numerous times.

Sessions include:

1. Playbook Your Passion – Presented by Betsy Ross, Game Day Communications
Betsy shares inspiring stories of female leaders and how you can learn to find your passion and succeed in your career.

2. PR4U – Presented by Jackie Reau, Game Day Communications
Jackie shares how to present yourself and your organization in the best light to media.

3. Who Am I Really, Enneagram Deep Dive Session 1 & 2 - Presented by Deni Tato, Corporate Consciousness
Are you curious WHY you do what you do? Have you heard of the Enneagram Assessment but not sure what it is or what it means for you? 

The Enneagram is a useful tool for:
- Discovering individual strengths, challenges, and motivations
- Determining personal habituated patterns of relating to other.
- Gaining a better understanding of differing styles of communicating.
- With this knowledge, one can observe the core triggers that influence our ability to successfully respond to any given situation and avoid self-defeating reactivity.
- The system strengthens your ability to look within and perceive the mind and emotions, to reflect on that experience with curiosity and respect rather than fear and avoidance. 

What makes this system unique compared to other typologies you may be familiar with, is that your Enneagram Type is not determined by your observable behaviors, but instead Type is based on yourhidden motivations. It isn’t about what you do, only why you do it. I believe
that you must focus on understanding your deeper motivation behind the behavior if you want to make a long lasting, transformational change in a behavior or aspect of your life.

*All sessions are pre-recorded and will be distributed to registered attendees via email.

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