Closing Party - Sports ETA Symposium

Closing Party

 Thursday, May 11, 2023
  - (Central Time)
 College Basketball Experience
The party to close out the Symposium is going to be BIG! Join us at the College Basketball Experience where you not only walk around and look at all things college basketball, but you EXPERIENCE all things basketball. This high-energy, highly-interactive facility allows you to try your hand at making a buzzer beater shot, free throws while feeling the pressure of cheering fans, 3-point shots from different spots around the arc, or even showing off your "hops" on the dunking court with rims at 6 different heights! The pros make it look easy, so why not give sports announcing a shot by recording your very own post-game wrap up video! You can have the recording emailed to you to show your friends and family back home. 

Take a time out to grab a drink (don't forget to try the signature drink, Prickly Pear Margarita) and appetizers before heading to the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of fame!

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