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International Sports Events Seminar: How to Leverage Tourism, Branding, and Community Impact, Irrespective of Market Size

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It is well understood that international sports events like the Olympic Games and World Championships bring significant benefits to host cities, but there is a perception that the only cities that can stage important international events are large population centers with substantial financial resources and infrastructure. This seminar features case studies of three cities that do not fit this description: Lake Placid (NY); Sarasota (FL); and Columbus (OH). Each city has recently hosted – or will host within the next year – transformational international events. For cities that have considered hosting an international event as too difficult, too risky, or too expensive, this seminar will provide the requisite “how to” information for strategic decision-making.

Content Providers:
- Dale Neuburger (FINA)
- Rick Patzke, Head of Sport, 2023 Winter World University Games, Lake Placid, NY
- Meredith Scerba, Executive Director, 2017 World Rowing Championships, Sarasota, FL
- Linda Logan, ED Greater Columbus Sports Commission, USAMNT vs El Salvador, CONCACAF - FIFA World Cup qualifications

Time & Location:

 Date:Tuesday, May 3
 Time:01:00 PM - 01:45 PM

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