About CSEE Certification

When you have the letters C-S-E-E behind your name, you’re showing the world you’re serious about making a difference in the sports events and tourism industry. With the Certified Sports Event Executive (CSEE) credential, you’ll not only gain the knowledge you need to advance your career, but you’ll also prove to employers you’re capable of leading a sports events and tourism organization, department, or event.

PLEASE NOTE: Effective January 1, 2019, we formed a partnership with Stoll Sports Strategies, led by Jennifer Stoll, to launch new research and educational initiatives. Jennifer will be a key leader in assisting a revamp of our education products and services to help our membership and industry partners stay ahead of the trends and business opportunities. 

Planning ahead for 2020? Here is a list of the CSEE opportunities on our calendar thus far. Stay tuned for more updates on education program updates and offerings. All course opportunities are 4 credit hours.

  • Online Course 1    
  • Online Course 2    
  • Women's Summit    
  • Symposium CSEE 1    
  • Symposium CSEE 2    
  • Rights Holder Summit   
  • Facilities Summit   
  • Chief Executive Summit
  • 4S Summit CSEE Course 
  • 2020 TEAMS Conference

  Online Courses         Course History


  • Strategic Planning
  • Effective Selling
  • Effective Communication
  • Crisis Management
  • Developing Community Support
  • Economic Impact of Sports Tourism
  • Event Management
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Facility Development and Planning
  • Leadership/Management
  • Media/Public Relations
  • Public Speaking
  • Risk Management
  • Revenue and Funding Sources
  • Sales Training
  • Servicing Sports Events
  • Social and Digital Strategy
  • Sponsorship Development
  • Quality of Life

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When can I enroll in the CSEE Program?

Participants are invited, and encouraged, to join the program at any time! The program has been developed to allow for members to join at any time and work to complete the requirements at their own pace. All you need to do is fill out a registration form and you will be notified of all upcoming courses when details are available. You may participate in as many courses as you wish, at your own pace. 

What are the requirements for certification?

For Standard participants, the requirements for certification are as follows: 1) earn 32 credits, 2) have at least five years of experience in the sports events and tourism industry at the time of graduation, 3) be employed by a member organization in good standing throughout the entire process of certification and 4) pay the fees required for each course.

How are credits earned?

Credits can be obtained by:

1) Attending a live course: 

  • Fall course in conjunction with 4S Summit (4 credits)
  • Spring course in conjunction with the Symposium (4 credits)
  • Live course at 2019 TEAMS Conference (4 credits)

2) Attending a Sports ETA Summit (each Summit = 4 credits):

  • 4S Summit
  • Sports Facilities Summit
  • Chief Executive Summit
  • Women's Summit 

3) Completing our online course

How often are courses offered?

Live courses are offered twice a year. The spring course is held in either April or May and runs in conjunction with the Symposium and the fall course in conjunction with 4S Summit.

Can I audit or observe the courses?

No. Only Sports ETA members in good standing who have registered for the certification process and paid the registration fees may attend.

If I register for one course, am I committing to complete the entire program?

No. You may enter, leave and re-enter the program at any time. However, you are required to meet all of the requirements before you become certified.

Once I earn my credential, how do I maintain my certification?

To maintain your certification, graduates are required to earn a minimum of four (4) credits per year and remain on staff with a member of Sports ETA. Continuing education credits can be earned by attending one of the two live courses offered each year. You may also earn credits by attending 4S Summit, Sports Facilities Summit, Chief Executive Summit, or Women's Summit.