Sports Events Entertainment Network (SEEN)

Community Group Interest Discussion

 Posted on: December 17 2021
Parks & Recreation

2021 Facilities Summit: Trends & Operator Fireside

 Posted on: December 17 2021
Industry on the Move

2021 Facilities Summit: Expanding Success

 Posted on: December 17 2021
Through an Operators View of Various Building Types

2021 Facilities Summit: Tech Advancements

 Posted on: December 17 2021
Technological Advancements in Facilities & Venues

2021 Facilities Summit: Facility Sponsorship

 Posted on: December 17 2021
An Art & Science Approach to Creative Rev. Generation & Fan Engagement

Webinar: NIRCA Club Running Organization & National Championship Venue Search

 Posted on: December 15 2021
Tune in to a recorded webinar from December 15, 2021 to learn more about the National Intercollegiate Running Club Association (NIRCA), the event types the group hosts and coordinates, and the geographic areas that are targeted for event and venue partnerships. Stephanie Bartley, Event Director, NIRCA discusses the Spring 2022 RFP for the upcoming Track & Field and Half Marathon Championships and close with a Q&A session.

Smart Cities & Sport 2021 - Building Partnerships

 Posted on: November 30 2021
What is the future of major event bidding and hosting?

PitchSide From the Plex

 Posted on: November 24 2021
PitchSide From the Plex is back for season 2 and will be focusing on Women in Sports.

PODCAST: Greg Sankey, SEC Commissioner

 Posted on: November 8 2021
A podcast by SportsTravel.

Podcast: The Future of High School Sports

 Posted on: September 7 2021
Episode seven of our Life In the Front Office podcast series is now available! Listen now to hear from Mark Koski, CMO, National Federation of State High School Associations, featuring a discussion around the future of high school sports, the NFHS Network, and much more!  Special thanks to our sponsor, Breinfuel - a Cerebral Beverage helping you push the boundaries of what you thought possible. Use the code "LIFO15" at checkout for your 15% discount.    
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