Sports ETA to move its Annual Symposium

 Posted on: March 16 2020
We wanted to share with you that we will move our Annual Symposium in Kansas City, Missouri, amid the COVID-19 concerns and a ban on holding mass gatherings for the next 60 days (originally scheduled for April 20-23 in Kansas City). We are working with the Convention Center and our host hotels to identify a new date for the Symposium and will let you know as soon as all is confirmed. Here are the details for your reference: Symposium Registration If you have already registered, your registration including any add-ons (CSEE, Sunrise Run, Golf, Community Service Project) will be automatically moved to the new date. There will be no need to register again. Hotel Reservations Hotel reservations made through our official housing system will be automatically canceled on your behalf once the new dates are announced. If you made your own reservations, please cancel them directly. During this extraordinary time, Sports ETA will be announcing a series of on-line networking a...

Coronavirus Resource Guide and Information

 Posted on: March 13 2020
As you plan your sporting events and meetings over the next few weeks, we advise you to follow state and local guidelines regarding COVID-19. Sports ETA is closely monitoring the recommendations from the CDC and World Health Organization (WHO) and will continue to communicate best practices as they evolve.  Sports ETA is here to help. Our goal is to provide our members with the tools and resources necessary to navigate through this tough time, including accurate and up-to-date information on the effects of COVID-19 and the sports events and tourism industry.  Sports ETA Updates 2020 - 21 Sports ETA New Event Dates  Sports ETA to move its annual Symposium Sports ETA to move 2020 Women's Summit Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for additional updates: Sports ETA Facebook Sports ETA Twitter Industry News and Updates PCB Sports Complex introduces Social Distancing Sports Challenge SportsTravel - Sports-Event Industry Rea...

COVID-19 Response Plan Outline

 Posted on: March 13 2020
As the COVID-19 situation evolves, it’s important for business leaders to create a plan and continuously monitor the situation (literally, minute by minute). Overall, we recommend the following protocol for businesses: Be aware of the evolving situation with COVID-19 as it relates to your state, review/update your current policies for employees, stakeholders and customers, and creatively plan new opportunities to minimize business loss. Below is a working template for a response plan to effectively communicate to stakeholders during this time of uncertainty surrounding COVID-19. News Gathering: ·Monitor the daily news coverage disseminating from the Governor of your state as he/she has the power to create mandates and disseminate funding for support and health care access · Connect with your industry association to determine industry best practices for your organization and business, i.e. Ohio Restaurant Association ·Create Google alerts on ...

Important Updates Related to Upcoming Sports ETA Events in Response to COVID-19 Concerns

 Posted on: March 13 2020
Sports ETA announced today that it will move its Women’s Summit in New Orleans due to concerns surrounding COVID-19. We are currently working on a plan to reschedule the Summit for later in the year. Additionally, we are continuing to evaluate options surrounding the annual Symposium from April 20-23 in Kansas City and will provide more information next week. We are going to delay opening the appointment portal until all Symposium details are confirmed. Once all details are finalized, communication will be shared with all registered attendees. Take a look at this COVID-19 Response Plan from our PR partners, Game Day Communication. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Janis Ross,, 541.915.9479. Thank you, Al Kidd President and CEO Sports ETA

Mentor Spotlight: Tyler Childs

 Posted on: March 12 2020
For Tyler Childs, the phrase ‘young at heart’ is all too true. Sports are his life- when he’s not working, he’s playing them. Golf in the summer, curling in the winter, and baseball all in between. He jokes that people say he needs to take it easy and slow down. He laughs it off every time. “I am told regularly I'm too old for the sports that I play. I tell them I'm part of the youth movement,” says Childs. As President and CEO of Sport-Travel, Childs’ primary responsibilities are to lead their team while executing on our short and long-term strategic plans. “Although 'responsibilities' is the right word to describe the tasks and expectations of my role I view them as my privileges and opportunity to make our industry a little stronger each and every day,” Childs says. “I don't believe I am done learning and I take each day as an opportunity to grow and better myself and our team.” At Spor...

Make the Most of Every Appointment - Update Your Profile

 Posted on: March 11 2020
The Sports ETA Symposium Appointment Portal opens on Friday, March 13.  In preparation, it is vitally important that you make sure to update your profile and your company information.  For destinations/sports commissions this means updating the sports you can host and the venues you have for groups to use.  For rights holders, this would be updating where you host events, specific community needs (bid fees, GOC/LOC, etc.), events open for bid, and important information destinations should know about your event. For vendors, this could mean including a short description of all the products/services you provide, and even listing any special offers or promotions. Why is this important? When you enter the portal, you will see the list of potential organizations to request an appointment.  For destinations, knowing where rights holders meet, what they are looking for and what their key needs are, you can determine which appointments are approp...

Giving Back to the Next Generation

 Posted on: March 11 2020
HELP! Have you ever just blurted this out in the middle of everything?  I know I have, multiple times. If you’re a rights holder, an event organizer, or even a supplier, you have mastered the art of being an excellent multi-tasker, or have you? With so many deadlines and multiple projects going on around you, you are working around the clock.  You have your hands in everything such as site selections, contract negotiations, building the registration platform, marketing, room block monitoring, food & beverage selection, onsite registration, room set up, and speakers, the list is endless. Who does all that work?  The answer is usually one person does it all. Have you ever thought about forming a “Study Abroad” internship program? Well, it is a pretty simple process, as long as you find the right partner who is willing to help you every step of the way. In fact, many of the accredited universities have a study abroad program and are willing to hold ...

Statement to Sports ETA re: Coronavirus

 Posted on: March 10 2020
Dear Sports ETA Members, As we prepare for two upcoming member education programs, the Women’s Summit from April 1-3 in New Orleans and the annual Symposium from April 20-23 in Kansas City, we would like to assure you we are monitoring the developments around the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the potential impact on our events.  Both cities have assured us they are taking precautions as outlined by the CDC, which we are also following for both events. We want to ensure our members and guest speakers enjoy the programming we have planned for both programs. If you have specific questions about the program and/or travel to the programs, please contact Janis Ross at 541.915.9479 or Sincerely, Janis Burke, CSEE, Sports ETA Board President & CEO of the Harris County – Houston Sports Authority Al Kidd, President & CEO, Sports ETA

Get your final submissions in for the 2020 Member Awards

 Posted on: March 10 2020
With the 2020 Symposium right around the corner, this is your last chance to submit yourself or your organization for the Sports ETA Member Awards. Organizations are encouraged to participate, regardless of size of budgets or your staff size. Here’s your chance to highlight all the amazing work that you or your team accomplished in 2019. These annual Member Awards celebrate the excellence and accomplishments of its members. Honoring the organizations and individuals that made such a big impact every year.  Sports ETA wants to recognize the outstanding leaders in the industry. The leaders that inspire others, set the pace for performance, and nurture success. The deadline for submitting Member Awards Applications is Friday, March 13. You can find details on submitting an application here. Click here for more information on the award categories or how to submit your project.

Being a Working Mom is Fun – Make it That Way!

 Posted on: March 10 2020
More than ever, today's business climate is transitioning from being male-dominated to embracing equality. Even as a woman, and a mom at that, embracing this is not easy – mom guilt is real. I cannot count how many times I have been asked why I work or have been told I am missing out on my toddler’s childhood. These people could not be more wrong and out of date. Just look at the sports world in today’s society! The thing is, even science can back me up. Research shows mothers who work have long-lasting, positive effects on their kids that go all the way into adulthood. Maybe this shows them that being a parent and working embrace having responsibilities by providing for the ones they love! Being a woman in the sports industry – I can be up against some stigmas sometimes. I adore my job and I know I am good at what I do. But, it doesn’t help that sometimes it can be harder for me to be taken seriously or move up. I have definitely heard jokes on &ld...
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