National Association of Sports Commission’s Women’s Summit addresses women and sports during the NCAA Women’s Final Four in Tampa

 Posted on: April 15 2019
TAMPA (For Immediate Release) -- A capacity crowd attended the second annual Women’s Summit hosted by the National Association of Sports Commissions in Tampa during the NCAA Women’s Final Four. Numerous female business leaders representing professional and collegiate sports along with government, financial services, marketing, public relations, and hospitality shared advice and tips to attendees of the Women’s Summit, which was first hosted in Columbus, Ohio during last year’s NCAA Women’s Final Four in partnership with the Greater Columbus Sports Commission. Two new awards were presented during the Women’s Summit as well. Linda Logan, Executive Director of the Greater Columbus Sports Commission, was honored with the firstever Trailblazer Award for her industry leadership, and the Rising Star Award was presented to Meaghan Hughes from Ann Arbor Sports Commission for her volunteerism efforts. “The Women’s Summit hosted by the Nati...

Increase Ticket Revenue with these 6 Marketing Strategies

 Posted on: April 10 2019
For any event organizer, selling more tickets can prove to be a challenge sometimes. If you feel like you hit a plateau with your ticket sales, try one of these marketing strategies from Prior 1)    Convert Customer Loyalty Into Revenue If you’re familiar with marketing, you may have heard of the 80/20 rule. This rule states that 80% of your business comes from 20% of your clients. These clients are your most loyal and powerful customers- they will engage with your brand online, write positive reviews, and endorse your events for their friends. Investing in a loyalty program for your best customers (discounts, early access to ticket sales) will keep your biggest clients happy, and give your brand a solid foundation of followers to grow from. 2)   The Early Bird Makes More Profit An easy way to get a jump start on ticket sales is by selling tickets at a discount the moment your event is publicized. “Early bird” packages...

Site Visits: What Rights Holders Really Want to See

 Posted on: April 9 2019
We can all agree that visiting potential sites is an integral part of the site selection process for events.  However, not all site visits are created equal.  Rights Holders are looking for a quick trip to look at the venue to make sure it will work for their needs.  Looking at facility specs on paper, or online, is helpful; but, we really need to see the space in person to identify any potential issues, planning the layout, and identifying branding opportunities.  While not all Rights Holders are looking for the same experience, there are some common themes we look for to make the most of the visit. Do Your Homework Just as we ask for destinations to do their homework before our appointments at Symposium, we want you to do your homework before our site visits as well.  Byron Hicks, the Manager of Events for USA Ultimate says, “Know my needs before I come and show me what I need. Don’t show me ball fields when I need linear field space.”...

What we can learn from Portland, Oregon, and its thriving soccer scene

 Posted on: April 8 2019
There are plenty of cities in the United States that are embracing American soccer, but few cities have cultivated an identity with their team quite as strong as Portland, OR. The Portland Timbers sell out nearly every MLS home game, while the Portland Thorns lead the NWSL in fan attendance. So where are these sales numbers coming from? AN UNPARALLELED SPORTS EXPERIENCE Keeping audiences engaged is harder today than it ever has been. In a world built off of instant-gratification, it can be difficult to keep fans engaged in 90 minutes of gameplay that may only result in one or two goals. The Timbers and Thorns keep fans engaged through their supporter organizations: The Rose City Riveters and Timbers Army. These organizations add a new layer to the fan experience, and are a tangible marketing element for ticket sales. The Timbers and Thorns also source their concessions from local businesses, further aligning their brand with the city. TEAM ACCESS The Thorns attendance indic...

WEBINAR: Association Rebrand

 Posted on: April 2 2019
Join the NASC branding committee and Bill Frederick, Principal, Fanbrandz, to learn about the process and strategy behind the association rebrand. The presentation will include an overview of rebrand goals, creative notes, and visual considerations. REGISTER NOW

Enjoy a $10 gift card and so much more

 Posted on: April 1 2019
First, join the NASC Shipping Program, managed by PartnerShip®. You can receive FedEx discounts of up to 27% for your small package shipping*. Or, call 800-599-2902. Once you have your discounts, enroll in My FedEx Rewards® and when you ship, you can earn gift cards of your choice. It’s easy and free to join both programs. And you’ll earn your $10 gift card when you make your first qualifying shipment. Terms apply.** *includes a bonus 5% online processing discount. Full details available at **The $10 gift card offer is only valid for 7 days after signing up for My FedEx Rewards. Offer valid for a limited time. For customers to earn the gift card for My FedEx Rewards, they must ship with and invoice back to the FedEx shipping account number registered for this program. Eligible shipments include: FedEx International First®, FedEx International Priority®, FedEx International Priority DirectDistribution®, Fe...

One Month Until the 2019 NASC Symposium - Start Planning Your Week

 Posted on: April 1 2019
We are just over a month away from the 2019 NASC Symposium. No, you don’t need to start packing your bags just yet, but you do need to start planning out what you want your week to look like. We just released the education sessions for the 2019 Symposium in Knoxville, Tennessee from May 6-9. If you are part of a destination looking to attract more events to your city, you may consider sitting in on sessions like “Developing your Destination’s Sports Tourism Program” on Tuesday or “Bidding on NAIA Events” on Thursday. For the sales and development managers, there are also sessions for building brand awareness, partnership strategies, and valuing sponsorships. There are more than 25 education sessions planned for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, so there is something for each member of your team coming to the Symposium. Check them all out here. Also, if you registered for the CSEE course at the NASC Symposium, put on your crisis mode c...

Lessons Learned from Hosting the men’s NCAA Tournament

 Posted on: March 26 2019
Hosting games for the men’s NCAA Tournament is a big job for any city. Des Moines, Iowa took on that job for a second time. The city hosted several games during the first round the men’s NCAA Tournament. It’s a job Des Moines did three years before, and were ready to do it again in 2019, learning from their 2016 experience. The Des Moines Register laid out a few things the city did to make this year’s experience a bit more polished. Don’t count on the weather There are no guarantees on the weather in the midwest especially in March, which is why the Wells Fargo Arena has connectivity to skywalks. The more concessions, the better After receiving negative comments in 2016 about long lines for food and drink, the arena increased staff along with adding portable grab-and-go stands and six vending machines. Improving the ‘fan experience’ Between improving WiFi service in the arena, to adding charging stations, and sh...

It's OK to Say No

 Posted on: March 26 2019
As I’ve gained more “experience” (another way of stating that I’m getting older) in this industry, I tend to be more straight forward about the positives and negatives of the sports events industry. No need to sugar coat anything. And that’s what I’d like to comment on here, to hopefully save those of you just getting started, a lot of potential headaches. So, here’s the scenario - you’ve just started your career at your local sports commission or CVB as the new sports events’ sales manager. As the new person, you’re fired up because you get to work in sports, and you think you have the sports facilities in your area to do big things.  And you want to get out there and get that first big event for your area, a real home run, as soon as possible. You attend your first NASC Symposium and meet with numerous event-owners and they all sound great. You think to yourself, wow we could do ALL these events in our destination &n...

Make the most of every appointment - update your profile

 Posted on: March 18 2019
The NASC Symposium Appointment Portal opens next week, on March 27.  In preparation, it is vitally important that you make sure to update your profile and your company information.  For destinations/sports commissions this means updating the sports you can host and the venues you have for groups to use.  For rights holders, this would be updating where you host events, specific community needs (bid fees, GOC/LOC, etc.), events open for bid, and important information destinations should know about your event. For vendors, this could mean including a short description of all the products/services you provide, and even listing any special offers or promotions. Why is this important? When you enter the portal, you will see the list of potential organizations to request an appointment.  For destinations, knowing where rights holders meet, what they are looking for and what their key needs are, you can determine which appointments are appropriate to request or accept. ...
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