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Patti Smith, Harris County - Houston Sports Authority

 Posted on: October 28 2020
Congratulations Patti!

Dale Neuburger, Burson Cohn & Wolfe Sports Practice - North America

 Posted on: October 28 2020
Congratulations Burson Cohn & Wolfe Sports Practice - North America!

Lessons to bring in The Next Normal

 Posted on: October 19 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic has given us many lessons to learn. One of those, according to McKinsey & Company, is how companies are able to weather major, unforeseen disruptions. Organizations that have been able to adapt to the challenges of this pandemic are resilient. What does it take to be one of those resilient organizations? What lessons can you learn to bring your own organization into this next normal? McKinsey & Company broke it down into five characteristics they believe these companies share: Establish a common purpose and clear communications Having clear principals for a company is important. Many companies found their purpose though was challenged at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Resilient companies were able to recognize this and alter their purpose. Along with this clear, common purpose came clear and frequent communication. Being able to allow your employees and co-workers in on that vision will allow them to feel invested in it. Set up ...

Young Professional Spotlight: Daniel Gallagher

 Posted on: October 12 2020
Sports, magic, now horse jumping. Daniel Gallagher has a wide range of hobbies, but one dream job and that’s the one he’s living right now. Daniel Gallagher, one of Sports ETA’s Young Professionals, is the Director of Sports Sales at Atlantic City Sports Commission and Meet AC. He’s been in the industry for ten years and six of them have been spent with Atlantic City Sports Commission and Meet AC. As the Director of Sports Sales, Daniel’s main goal is to drive economic impact to Atlantic City through sporting events and sport-related conventions. While it’s been a challenging year for the sports tourism industry, Daniel is ready and excited to work cohesively and creatively with event organizers during these uncharted times. “We are all in this together,” Gallagher said. “And while sporting events are spearheading the charge for mass gatherings, proper protocols, mandates, and procedures are imperative to ensure that we can...

NCAA 2022-2026 Championships Update - 10/5/2020

 Posted on: October 5 2020
NCAA Update (10/5/2020): NCAA Championship host sites will be announced on October 14 at 1 p.m. EDT on www.NCAA.com. Emails will also be sent directly to the primary bid contact and athletic director or commissioner of the host institution or conference. Emails to successful bidders will include links to social media artwork, release template, social media hashtag and the full release announcement. Questions can be directed to Russ Yurk with 129 Sports at russ.yurk@att.net.

NCAA 2022-2026 Championships Update - 9/24/2020

 Posted on: September 24 2020
“The selection process for host cities of future NCAA Championships from 2022-2026 was highly competitive and we appreciate all of the work that went into each and every bid,” said Russ Yurk, NCAA Representative for Championships. “The committees were very impressed with the bids from host cities, and there were many tough decisions. We are on track to announce and celebrate our future host cities for NCAA Championships on October 14.”

2019 State of the Industry Report Summary

 Posted on: September 23 2020
In a recent study conducted by the Sports Events and Tourism Association, research showed U.S. sports travelers, event organizers and venues spent a total of $45.1 billion in 2019, an increase of over 5 percent from the previous year, generating $103.3 billion in direct, indirect and induced business sales, according to the 2019 State of the Sports Tourism Industry Report in America. From 2015 to 2019, sports tourism spending increased 16.7%. The study conducted calculated three distinct types of impact: direct, indirect, and induced, calculating the levels of impact for sales, jobs, wages, and taxes. By monitoring the sports tourism economy, policymakers can produce future funding plans and prioritize sector development. Sports Travelers: Nearly 180 million people traveled to a sports event in the U.S. in 2019 either as a participant or spectator, which generated 69 million room nights. The study found this was an increase of more than 10 million people since 2015, who are spend...

New facility opens doors for Sports Tourism in Kentucky town

 Posted on: September 21 2020
Tournaments could soon find their way to Paducah, Kentucky. A new sports facility just opened in McCracken County. The 40,000 square-foot indoor facility features basketball and volleyball courts, plus a cover can be used to host other non-sporting events. McCracken County Sports Tourism Commission is excited about what this means for the future. “Our main goal as a commission is what we call ‘heads and beds," Jim Dudley, chairman of the McCracken County Sports Tourism Commission, told the Paducah Sun. “We want to bring in people from outside the area, get them here for a night or two, and really showcase Paducah.” Mark Whitlow, Paducah-McCracken County Convention Center board chair agreed. “[The facility] will attract thousands of visitors to our center and our downtown. They will stay in hotels, dine in our restaurants, and shop in our quality stores. Together, we have greatly improved the quality of life and economic development of...

Improved FedEx Discounts for Sports ETA Members

 Posted on: September 16 2020
Sports ETA is excited to announce that our members now have access to higher FedEx discounts off list rates than ever before. When you sign up for the Sports ETA Shipping Program (it’s free to enroll), you’ll save 45% on FedEx Express and 25% on FedEx Ground. If you’re currently using the program, be sure to re-enroll to get the improved discounts. With all of the challenges businesses are facing right now, it’s more important than ever to take advantage of cost-saving benefits. Whether you’re shipping orders to customers, getting shipments in from suppliers, or managing customer returns, you’ll be able to reduce your costs. Enroll today.

Podcast with Al Kidd and Jennifer Stoll: The $45 Billion Case for Sports-Related Travel

 Posted on: September 10 2020
In this podcast with SportsTravel Editor and Publisher Jason Gewirtz, Sports ETA President and CEO Al Kidd and Jennifer Stoll, the lead researcher on the project, discuss the data in the new survey and how destinations and event organizers can take advantage of the numbers that will serve as a benchmark as the industry continues its recovery. Among the topics discussed in this episode: Details of the 2019 State of the Industry study What future studies from Sports ETA will address Growth over the last five years in sports-related travel The rise of sports complexes across the United States The impacts already measured from COVID-19 on sports-related travel in 2020 How many hotel room nights are generated from sports-related travel The impact the industry has on local economies in terms of jobs and attracting job candidates The industry’s impact on tax generation for local and state governments The role sports-related travel i...
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