Young Professional Spotlight: Alicia Kentz Griffith

 Posted on: December 7 2020
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If you know anything about Arizona college sports, you’ll know Arizona State University and the University of Arizona is the big rival in the state. This Sports ETA Young Professional and Tucson native went against tradition and attended Arizona State University instead of U of A. It’s a decision Alicia Kentz Griffith says made some of her best sports memories.

“l would have to say my favorite sports memory is hands down attending the Arizona State vs. University of Arizona football games each year with my family,” said Kentz Griffith.

Meet Alicia Kentz Griffith. A proud Arizona State alum, she has been with the Tempe Tourism Office for seven years and currently holds the job of Communications and Event Coordinator. There she markets Tempe as a desirable visitor and event destination along with assisting in securing and promoting sporting events in the area. In the near future, Alicia hopes to bring new events to the Tempe community.

“We tend to get comfortable with bringing events to Tempe that we know we can do well at, but I would like to diversify and host events that our city has never seen before. I think the community would appreciate it and it would bring value to residents and visitors.”

When she’s not sharing her passion for Tempe, Alicia is a devoted dog mom, hiker, and reality TV enthusiast who has a weakness for charcuterie boards and wine. She is looking forward to the day she gets to travel again. She and her husband would like to do an extensive trip throughout Europe.

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