Bad Work From Home Habits

 Posted on: May 18 2020
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Check-in time - How has working from home really been going? Are you sticking to a routine? Or are you letting it slide a little bit?

After a few months of working from home, it can be easy to slide into some bad habits, some you may not even notice. Thanks to a few HubSpot bloggers, you can identify a few of these bad habits and try to let them go.

  1. Holding yourself to the same high standard every day. Some days will be more productive than others. Don’t beat yourself on the days when being productive is a struggle. Take those days to recharge instead.
  2. Not physically separating work from home life enough. Where you work makes a difference. Working at the kitchen table may have your mind drifting off to what you are having for dinner. Or, if you work near a TV, it may have you thinking about your favorite show and enjoying it even though it's off. Giving yourself that separation could help you focus better.
  3. Letting your schedule get too flexible. Dishes, laundry, starting dinner can easily spur you into an afternoon of tasks around the house. If you’re going to knock out some chores as a mental break, HubSpot suggests setting a timer to get the task done in and then go back to work.
  4. Eating in front of your computer. Everyone needs a break. Eating is a great excuse for a break. Some may feel they are “supposed to be working” all day, but even in the office, you need a break once in a while right? Pushing yourself too hard can be damaging to your mental wellbeing (and sometimes your eyes).

Have you noticed any other bad habits while working from home? Share them below and how you overcame them.


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