How to navigate being new to the Sports Tourism world

 Posted on: December 4 2019
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Being new to this industry is intimidating, right? You have seasoned vets who seem to know everyone and then there is you – brand new and ready to make connections. But how? Here are a couple of tips and tricks I hope will help as you navigate being a “newbie” in this industry! 

  1. Go to the Sports ETA 4S Summit. Aside from the fact that you get to learn from some of the greatest leaders in our industry, this event is also one of the best opportunities to meet people. It’s smaller than the Symposium and is a completely education-based conference, making it your best opportunity for networking with colleagues. This is your chance to learn best practices and pick the brains of people who have walked in your shoes.  
  2. ASK THE QUESTION. This industry is built on relationships between clients and peers. With that being said, we can be each other’s greatest resource. You are learning the industry and it’s okay to reach out to someone who has either hosted the event you are pursuing or simply because you admire them. I promise you they have battled (and won) whatever you are fighting. We’re not re-inventing the wheel, right?  
  3. Get involved. Join a Sports ETA committee, your local city council, or be a holiday party chair (everyone needs one) in your company. Whatever it is just GET INVOLVED.  Besides being a great resume booster, participating on a committee is also an easy way to get to know other people in a more intimate setting. So, put in the time to give back – it will go such a long way and is a stepping stone to serving in a larger capacity later on.  
  4. Lastly, TALK TO EVERYONE. The great thing about our industry is that even though we sometimes compete with each other, every single person here wants you to succeed. Cultivate relationships with a variety of people with different experiences and backgrounds. This will help you form a close group of friends within the industry.  But don’t stop there! Go to the next group and then the next. You will be surprised the things you learn by stepping out of your comfort zone and meeting new people!


   Jarrett Dowling, CSEE
   Sales Manager
   Experience Columbia SC Sports


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