The Importance of Professional Connections

 Posted on: November 7 2019
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"I believe that you can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want."--Zig Ziglar

That quote is the inspiration that I use every day.  Mentoring, fostering, sharing, and caring are qualities that help us to build strong and healthy relationships both personally and professionally. The key to creating life-long connections is to give as much, if not more than you take.

Staying connected and developing professional relationships takes time, work, and strategy. If you’re trying to improve your professional connections, you should be. These connections will be the key to your professional growth. Here are some tips to follow:

  • Strong communication skills will help lay a strong foundation. Making yourself clearly understood as well as truly listening and learning from others.
  • Show respect by being courteous, using non-offensive language, and being courteous of people’s time. 
  • Be open to honest feedback. Don’t be defensive and shut down, understand that we all need positive criticism to grow.
  • Be understanding of other people’s circumstances. Try to “walk a mile” in their shoes before you rush to judgment.
  • Celebrate the success of others. Platforms like Linked In make it easy to do this, you just have to make the time to send a note or make a call.
  • Be yourself. Stay genuine and true to who you are and the right people will come into your life.

I joined the mentoring committee for Sports ETA to “pay it forward.” To share my gifts, experiences, and advice with others the way people did with me.  Some of my strongest friendships have developed through my connection with this organization. Having people that I can turn to who understand me and the industry I am in is a godsend.  They have helped me grow and mature, made me laugh, and guided me through some storms.

“Everyone needs someone to learn from and share ideas with. Good relationships offer understanding when you fail, confidence when you're in doubt, and celebration as you go through life. …  Take time to nurture and appreciate the relationships that make a difference in your business and your life.” -- Lee Colan

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