Ideas on How to Fill Your Venue with Events

 Posted on: January 7 2019
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A new year can bring the same troubles for event spaces. One of the biggest questions is how do you attract events to your venue or city. We found a few simple venue promotion ideas, thanks to Eventbrite.

1. Start with a Refresh

It’s a simple idea, but it could really help. Review your website, social media channels and marketing. Make sure it’s up-to-date, on brand, and it’s selling your venue.

2. Update Photography

This is the same idea as a refresh. If your pictures are outdated or grainy, it might be time to take a few new pictures. Don’t be afraid to include action in your photos whether it’s a team scrimmage or parents in the stands. This allows any potential client to visualize themselves in your venue or city.

3. Create a Virtual Tour

Go one step further than photos. Give potential clients a 360° tour of your space on your website. EventBrite suggests getting started with a service like Google’s Tour Creator to showcase your venue at every angle.

4. Sell the Uniqueness of Your Venue or City

Think beyond the standard informational sheet. Add in features that make your space irresistible. Also, include the unique things around the area. Most likely, the people coming to your space for events will have a little free to enjoy the surrounding area, so give them a little taste.

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