4S Summit Recap and Next Steps

 Posted on: October 24 2017
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First 4S Summit completed, what a great time we all had in Detroit!

Lots of good conversations, good ideas and good friends. Now you may ask, we have all this knowledge….. what next? I think we all learned that the ‘4S’s” go hand in hand, right?

Let’s do a little recap…. Sales, Strategies, Sponsorships and Services.

In order to have an event in your destination these four topics will come into play. Best practices, things that work, things that don’t and discussing these topics in an open forum is a great way for destinations to learn from one another. We all know that we have many different size destinations, budgets and a variety of venues. However, one common denominator is we all want to host a successful event. That brings me to Sales, learning about the event…Does it fit in market? Do we have a local club or ambassador to help advance our bid? Making sure you have all the players to make the event successful?  Do YOUR research.

Next, Strategies, being involved in your community, educating the community leaders and stakeholders on what your sports tourism strategy is. Being aware of the core facilities and venues you have. Making sure you have a solid business plan with action steps that individuals are held accountable for.

And Sponsorships, a topic that many are challenged with. Being knowledgeable about the event and being able to translate to a company how being attached to a particular event can help grow their business. Understanding the value of ‘in kind’ donations is just as in important as tangible dollars. It also helps in building relationships. And lastly, Services, servicing an event is crucial… connecting with the community and getting them involved to help make an event successful. Making sure volunteers are in available and you are learning about the most up to date technology pertaining to operations and getting information to the public about the event.

Next steps…. making sure every box is checked on your list for an event to be successful can sometimes feel overwhelming. The good thing about our industry is you always a have a friendly colleague to call somewhere in the country. So don’t hesitate to pick up the phone… ask the question, bounce an idea or lend a hand to someone. That phone call could be the last box you need to check off to pull off your next successful event!


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