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 Posted on: November 22 2016
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Member Mentoring is one of the best services the NASC has to offer for new members/partners to the NASC.  

Having been involved with the NASC since 1996, I have seen the NASC transform into one of the strongest association in the tourism industry.  One of the special aspects of the NASC is the Member Mentoring committee.  This committee assists new members to the NASC and helps answer questions, work through issues with event owners or rights holders and helps in creating that fraternity of “been there and done that” so the new member does not feel like they are on an island.

One of my best Member Mentoring stories I like to share from time to time happened several years ago.  I was assigned Daniel Rush, Vice President of Global Sports & Event Sales for MGM Resorts in Las Vegas, NV. 

Now as first, I am thinking, what do I have to share with the Vice President of Global Sports and Event Sales for MGM Resorts that he has not seen or been through.  Right?  Well, when I reached out to Daniel he picked up on the first ring and he expressed how happy he was hearing from his assigned mentor.  I introduced myself and shared my experience with the NASC and how being involved with the NASC had really helped me get to where I am today.

Daniel explained his interest in learning more about the NASC, what it does for their members, what is the NASC Symposium, etc.  All of the usual questions. 

We officially meet at the NASC Symposium and I got to learn a little more about Daniel and his background and started to introduce him to other mentors and members.  We chatted every time we saw each other during the Symposium and I would ask, “How is it going”?  His reply, “everyone is so friendly and willing to share and help others” and I replied, “Yep, that is the NASC.”

Through my 20+ years with the NASC, I have seen and assisted a lot of new members that come into this industry.  Almost all have grown into leadership position within their organizations and I like to believe that the NASC and their members and the member’s willingness to share ideas have a lot to do for those individuals’ successes.

Rick Hatcher, CSEE
Executive Director, Treasure Coast Sports Commission
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